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This pandemic has posed a lot of challenges to many of us.  One of which is securing documents which we normally acquire face-to-face by requesting to designated government offices.


Two months ago, the government rolled-out the Covid pediatric vaccination for kids aged 5-12 yrs old.  My son, who belongs to that age group, is now qualified to take his covid vaccine. We signed him up and was given a schedule and list of requirements, one of the requirements we were asked to provide is his birth certificate to prove his age.  This requirement would normally be an easy one for me to obtain.  You see, I work in Pasay area where a satellite office of Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is located.  But due to the pandemic, getting this requirement was quite a challenge as I no longer go to work on a daily basis.  This is where I searched online and found out through Mommy Bloggers Philippines that Philippine Statistics Authority now offers PSA birth certificate online applications.  What a relief!




To say that acquiring these documents is easy is an understatement.  Let me give you the 6-easy steps on how you can request your birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, and CENOMAR online.


  1. Go to


  1. Click Order Now and choose the PSA certificate you need (birth, marriage, death, CENOMAR)
    1. If you are requesting for a birth certificate, do note that you can only request for yourself, you child, or your parents. Your spouse will need to request it himself if he needs one.



  1. Input all necessary data needed for your request such as: complete name, parents name, date of birth, etc.


  1. Choose how many copies you need and a corresponding amount will be shown. The amount includes delivery fee.
    1. Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, and Death Certificate cost Php 365
    2. CENOMAR costs Php 420



  1. Pay your request through online channels or over the counter payments.



  1. Wait for your PSA documents to be delivered to your desired delivery address. Do take note that only the one who requested can accept the delivery.  No authorization letter will be honored for delivery due to the sensitivity of the documents. You will also need to provide the valid ID you stated for the delivery person to release the documents to you. is so easy to navigate and very user-friendly.  I was able to order my son’s birth certificate in less than 10 minutes and paid for the request in another 10 minutes (I used cashless transaction).  After paying, I received an SMS message confirming my order and another SMS message the next day that my order is already released for delivery.


It was stated in PSA online that I am expected to receive my order (based on my delivery address) in 8 working days.  I am surprised that I received my order in 4 working days! That was quick!



PSA birth certificate online applications made acquiring birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and CENOMAR an easy task for Filipinos.

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