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A Relaxing Time At Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club

Every now and then, I would go and treat myself to a pampering session.   This can either be a massage, a pedicure, a hair spa, or anything that can loosen my stress, but nothing too expensive.  Work wise, I have been very busy this first half of the year and my usual pampering session was delayed.  So, when July started (officially, the half of the year), the hubby and I decided to have a pampering session in one of the newest spas in Pasay: Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club.


Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club is located at Seaside Blvd, SM Mall of Asia Complex.  It is a huge place that offers various relaxation and pampering treatments.  Upon entering the place, you will be greeted by the reception where you will choose the services you will avail.


There are a lot of packages you can choose from.  The price ranges from Php1,500 – Php3,000 depending on the services you will avail.  Availing a service gives you access to the whole place for four (4) hours; this includes use of facilities and unlimited mini buffet.

A locker key wristband will be given to you at reception that has a number corresponding the locker you are assigned to.  Inside the locker room, there are restrooms and changing rooms.  The locker room has complete toiletries you can use, like powder, deodorant spray, hair blower, etc.  You will also be given towels for the wet area and robes for the massage area.  The shower room also provides complete toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and feminine wash (for female areas).


There are different spa facilities you can enjoy during your 4-hour star at Marina Bay Spa.  These facilities include a hot bath spa, a cold bath spa, steam room, sauna room, hot stone spa, and relaxing lounge.  Note that all these facilities are divided for male and female use.  An infinity pool, gym, gaming lounge is available for members too.


Hot and cold bath spas.
Sauna and Steam Rooms.
Hot stone spa.

I suggest you use all the facilities before having your massage since you are advised not to use baths 4 to 6 hours after massage.  If you are able to finish all the facilities even before your massage time, you can now head to the relaxation lounge which has lounge chairs you can rest at; this area has televisions too.

We choose the Marina Signature one-hour massage during our visit.  The receptionist was kind enough to assign us a couple’s room for our massage.  The massage was just the normal one, nothing too extraordinary.  But what I like is that, they completed the one-hour unlike other spas that would only massage you for 45 minutes.  They also gave us a hot towel rub after the massage which I really appreciate.

After the massage, you can now head to the buffet area.  Marina Bay Spa is operated by Vikings Group.  The buffet inside Marina Bay Spa is called Crystal Dining.  It has a nice ambience but very limited food choices, but you can eat as much as you want.  The staffs are very attentive inside Crystal Dining.

Overall, I had a nice and relaxing experience at Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club.  Normally, when I have a relaxation treat, I just go to the massage place, have my massage and I’m done.  Marina Bay Spa has given relaxation a different experience for me.  I would definitely go back and treat myself to Marina Bay Spa – when time permits 😊


Disclaimer:  We paid for our Marina Bay Spa experience and all opinions are mine.



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