The Wanderful Mom



First off, I would like to thank you for dropping by my online space: Wanderful Mom.

I am Nerisa Nunag and this blog is an online scribbles of all the things I enjoy.

It is just a journal of a woman, who tries to juggle a lot of roles in life (who doesn’t, right?).  I am a millennial with an old soul and so I write anything in between.  I write everything that I love.

I love trying out new things and products, and so I blog about products that catches my attention.

I love going to different places, and so I write about the places where my family has been fortunate to visit.

I am a very frugal spender, and so I write Tipid Tips that everyone can relate to.

I love eating, and so I write about different foods (and restaurants, mostly buffets) we are lucky to taste.

But most of all, I love being a mom, and so I write about the privilege I have called motherhood.

So if you’re someone who shares the same passion, come and join me in my journey.  I’d love to hear comments, suggestions, recommendations, reflections, clarifications, but please not too much violent reactions 😉


Please feel free to contact me through:


Facebook: @WanderfulMom

Twitter: @Wandeful_Mom

Instagram:  @nerisa_nunag


Thanks so much!