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Australia: Blue Mountains

One of Australia’s famous tourist attraction is Blue Mountains.  Blue Mountains is a mountain range located in New South Wales.  It is called as such since Blue Mountains range appears to look a shade of blue.  It is three hours away from Sydney by car.  There are a lot of famous places to visit in Blue Mountains and some tourist opt to stay overnight to be able to see most of what Blue Mountains could offer.



We were lucky to be able to visit Blue Mountains for a day and we visited three tourist attractions: Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls, and Lincoln Rock.


Three Sisters

The most famous attraction in Blue Mountains is the Three Sisters rock formation.  There is a viewing deck for Three Sisters, and you can also go up close to it via a walkway.  Three Sisters can be reached by public transport.  Not all attractions in Blue Mountains can be accessed via public commute.  



Wentworth Falls

Probably one of the best experiences we had in Blue Mountains is trekking down Wentworth Falls.  We spent 30 minutes going down and following the trail for Wentworth Falls and an hour going back up.  We saw a very beautiful view of Blue Mountains at Wentworth Falls.



Lincoln’s Rock

Lincoln’s Rock, located near Wentworth Falls, is a lookout area for Blue Mountains range.  The place is serene and quite scary as it does not have protective fences for tourists.  I think you can only reach this place by car.



Visiting Blue Mountains in New South Wales is one of the best experiences we had when we traveled to Australia.  If you need to narrow down your itinerary in Australia, I highly suggest you include Blue Mountains in the list. 😊




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