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Australia: Featherdale Wildlife Park

Kangaroos and Koalas.  These are Australia’s native animals that tourist would like to see whenever they visit the land down under.  Being with a little boy during our Australia trip, visiting a zoo that houses Kangaroos and Koalas is a must in our itinerary.


There are two famous zoos in NSW where you can see these animals: Featherdale Wildlife Park and Taronga Zoo.  We wanted the zoo best experience and my cousin recommended we visit Featherdale Wildlife Park.



Traveling to Featherdale Wildlife Park via public commute is easy.  Ride the train and alight at Blacktown Station.  Go to Bus Stand E and ride the Bus 729.  This bus will take you to Featherdale Wildlife Park.


Featherdale Wildlife Park does not have your conventional zoo setting.  Most of the animals are in a fence and not in a cage.  This allowed us to grab the closest encounter and interaction to several animals.


Upon entrance, you will be given an admission passport that has a stamp card inside.  The stamp card has a list of Australian native animals that can be found in Featherdale Wildlife Park.  Whenever you see the animals, you can put a stamp in your stamp card.  The Australian native animals that you can find in Featherdale Wildlife Park are: Kangaroos, Koalas, Wombat, Dingo, Tasmanian Devil and Emu; the stamp card also includes Fruit Bat, and Crocodile.



At the entrance, and on various areas of the zoo, you can buy Kangaroo feeds for only AUD3.  These feeds can only be given to Kangaroos, Wallabies, and Wallaroos.  (Wallaby and Wallaroo are the same species as Kangaroos).  Some farm animals like sheep and goats like the Kangaroo feeds but you are not allowed to feed them.



Check out our photos from Featherdale Wildlife Park.


Tasmanian Devil
Koala and Baby (and the reenactment)


Kangaroo with Joey





If you are planning to visit a zoo in Australia, I suggest you visit Featherdale Wildlife Park.  We had the most memorable experience and encounter with the lovely animals that are native to Australia.



Entrance to Featherdale Wildlife Park is AUD32 for adult and AUD19 for kids.  We were able to score a buy 2 adult tickets and get 1 child ticket for free at an Australian group buying site for only AUD50.


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