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Australia: Sydney City Tour

Australia is a huge country.  It is roughly 25 times larger than the Philippines.   There are 6 states in Australia namely New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania.  During our Australia trip we only visited New South Wales (NSW) where Sydney is located.


There are so many tourist attractions you can visit in New South Wales.  On our second day at Australia, we focused our itinerary in doing the Sydney City Tour.


The attractions included in the Sydney City Tour are mostly close to each other.  Most of the famous attractions in Sydney are free of charge.  Let me list down the famous Sydney City attractions you can visit for free and how you can access these places through public transport.


Sydney Opera House

Probably one of the most famous Sydney attraction, the Sydney Opera House.  You can enter the Sydney Opera House free of charge; you only have to pay if you are watching a concert or joining a tour.

They may look close in photos but walking to Sydney Harbour Bridge from Sydney Opera House will take 15 to 30 minutes.  You can ride the train, but I suggest you walk as you can pass by The Rocks and the Museum of Contemporary Arts by walking to and from these attractions.



How to go there via train?

Ride platforms that will stop or pass by Circular Quay Station.


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge is another half of Sydney’s most famous attraction.  You can try walking the stretch of Sydney Harbour Bridge, which we did.  It will take you 30minutes of walk time and will let you see the wonderful views of the Sydney Opera House.  You can also go up the view deck of Sydney Harbour Bridge called the Pylon Lookout.



Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden is a huge garden situated just beside the Sydney Opera House.  It is Australia’s oldest botanic garden that is house to different species of flora.  There is no entrance fee to visit this garden.


View from Royal Botanic Gardens


Museum of Contemporary Arts

The Museum of Contemporary Arts is located a few walks away from Royal Botanic Gardens.  There is no entrance fee to this museum.  It has a café/restaurant at the 5th floor where you can take wonderful photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House together.



The Rocks, NSW

The Rocks, NSW has a long cultural history though when we visited the place, it was more of a shops and restaurant thing to me.  You can pass by The Rocks, NSW on your way from Sydney Opera House to Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Luna Park

Sydney has no major theme parks.  But if you love to visit theme parks, you can drop by Luna Park.  You can enter Luna Park for free and just pay for each ride you want to try.

Luna Park can be accessed by a 15-minute ferry ride from Circular Quay.



Queen Victoria Building

Queen Victoria Building has a long history of culture and art before it was known today as one of the famous shopping places in Sydney.

How to go there via train?

Ride platforms that will stop or pass by Townhall Station.



Hyde Park and St. Mary’s Cathedral

Just a few minutes walks from Queen Victoria Building is the Hyde Park, the oldest public park in Australia.  Located in Hyde Park is Archibald’s Fountain.



And just across Hyde Park is St. Mary’s Cathedral, one of the most beautiful churches I have been into.



Darling Harbour

Another Sydney City attraction close to Queen Victoria Building is the Darling Harbour.


If you find do-it-yourself itinerary of the Sydney City Tour quite confusing, you can try the free Sydney City Walking Tour.  The Sydney City Walking Tour hosted by volunteers in which you will just have to donate a fee.


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