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Singapore – Malaysia: How To Have A Wonderful Time at Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

Singapore is a small country and visiting this country wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Sentosa Island.  Sentosa Island is home to a lot of tourist attractions – one of them is Universal Studios Singapore.



We had so much fun when we visited Universal Studios Japan (USJ) early last year and we wouldn’t want to miss visiting Universal Studios Singapore (USS).  And just like our day at USJ, we had so much fun at USS.  Let me give you some tips on how to have a wonderful day at Universal Studios Singapore.

Plan Your Visit On A Weekday.  We scheduled our visit to USS on a weekday to avoid the crowd.  Theme parks are generally crowded but visiting on a weekend would mean much more crowd.  So plan your visit on a weekday. Take note though that the weekday is not a school holiday or summer vacation.




Buy Tickets Beforehand.  Like our USJ trip, we bought tickets beforehand but this time, we bought it online.  We purchased a promo ticket at Voyagin for SGD 68 (this is inclusive of 10% discounts, plus meal and souvenir discount of SGD 5 each) as opposed to regular rate of SGD 76 [Kids rate is at SGD 50 with the same inclusions].  We didn’t have a hard time to claiming the tickets as we just presented our vouchers at the customer service desk.  Buying on site means you will allot extra time by falling in line to buy tickets – and buying with no discount.




Arrive Before The Opening Time.  USS’s park operation time is 10AM to 6PM (this varies when there are events).  This is 8 hours of unlimited fun.  If you think that’s long enough, let me share to you that other theme parks operate longer.  USJ’s operation time is 830AM – 9PM (that’s almost 12 hours!), Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea operates from 8AM to 10PM (that’s 14 hours!), and Hong Kong Disneyland operates from 1030AM to 8PM (almost 12hours!) – these means that USS operates shorter time than other theme parks.  So make sure to arrive at USS before the opening time to maximize your visit.

Get A USS Express Pass.  Unlike USJ, USS does not have timed entry tickets that would allow you to secure a time slot for famous attractions.  We were so lucky that during our visit there were very few guests who visited on the same day.  We were able to ride most of the attractions without buying an Express Pass and without enduring the long queues.  But in case you visited on a weekend or a holiday and your budget permits it, make sure to grab an express pass.  This will lessen your wait time and make you enjoy the attractions more.


Transformer the Ride normally has long queues.


Plan The Attractions You Will Ride.  Before going to USS, make sure to plan the attractions you would want to try first.  This will make your time in USS more organized and more fun.  The best attractions always has the longest queue and you don’t want to miss riding the attractions that are considered the best, right?  If I may suggest some: Transformers the Ride, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Galactica, Water World (make sure to check the schedule) and The Mummy (please don’t miss The Mummy… this is my best-theme-park-attraction-ride-ever! Better than USJ’s The Amazing Spiderman Ride).  If you have a map of USS, do a counter-clockwise route *wink*





Maximize The Single-Rider Queue.  This is the best suggestion I can give parents with little kids who are not allowed to certain attractions due to height restrictions.  Don’t miss riding these attractions, instead swap with your hubby (or whoever is with you) in minding the kids and line up in the Single-Rider queue to lessen your wait time.  The hubby and I did this in USS (but was not able to do so in USJ 🙁 )


Height restriction for Neo.


Eat A Full Meal.  When we visited USJ, it was very cold and even though we were walking and tiring ourselves, we didn’t feel so weary.  But in USS, you will need to eat a full meal so as to have a lot of energy.  Don’t settle for snacks.  The meals inside the park is not really expensive compared to other theme parks – so make sure to eat well.




Watch Out For The Schedules.  As such with other theme parks, USS have shows and character meet-and-greet schedules.  Make sure to take note of these schedules.  USS is smaller than other theme parks we’ve been too and it might be the reason why there is no parade in USS, so the shows and the character meet-and-greet is something you would like to catch.  PS: If there is one schedule you would want to take note, it’s the schedule for Water World show.




Water World show in full production. 🙂


Bring Some Of The Essentials.  Don’t forget to bring some essentials like

  • Water bottle – there are a lot of drinking fountains, but a water bottle won’t go amiss
  • Raincoat or poncho as what Singaporeans call it – some rides, like Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and Water World show will surely get you wet, and buying a poncho in USS would cost you SGD5 to 10 and the body dryer cost SGD 5.


  • Extra shirt or towels. Singapore’s weather is just like the Philippines. Sometimes raining, sometimes hot, most of the time humid.  So bringing extra shirts and towels is a must.
He has pictures with the minions in USJ, and now with Gru in USS.


Take Home A Souvenir.  There are a lot of souvenir shops in USS and some souvenirs are inexpensive.  Take home one to commemorate the visit.  Or maybe buy some to give your friends back home.




Enjoy! Enjoy every bit of your USS visit.  If there are some glitches during your visit, let go.  If there are some attractions you weren’t able to ride, that’s okay.  Make the most of your time and enjoy every minute of your Universal Studios Singapore day.




These tips will surely make your Universal Studios Singapore visit a wonderful one.  So do take note of these 🙂




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