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Singapore – Malaysia: The Cheapest Way To Legoland Malaysia From Singapore

Legoland Malaysia is a theme park you wouldn’t want to miss when you visit Singapore.  Yes, it is located in Malaysia but it is closer to Singapore as it is situated at Johor Bahru – a Malaysian city one hour away from Singapore.


Going to Legoland Malaysia is easy as there are a lot of options you can use to travel to Johor Bahru from Singapore.  Here are some options you can choose from:

>Hire a private car from Singapore to Legoland.  This would cost SGD 80 – 100, one way.  So a two-way trip would cost you roughly Php 6055 to Php 7570.  For me, this is really costly.

>Book a trip at WTS Travel (located at Singapore Flyer).  The two-way trip would cost SGD 24 per person  (same price for adults and children).  This is a nice option but remember that this is a tour and you will have to follow strict time so as not to disrupt the tour flow.

>Or take the public transport like we did.  This would cost SGD 4 (Singapore to Legoland) and RM 5 (Legoland to Singapore).  Kid’s rate is SGD 1.5 (Singapore to Legoland) and RM 2.5 (Legoland to Sinagpore).  Cheap, right?  Here’s how you do it.

  • From anywhere in Singapore, ride the East-West or North-South MRT line and alight at Jurong East Station.
  • Jurong East is not just an MRT station it is also a bus station.  Cause Way Bus lines, a Malaysian bus company, has its terminal at Jurong East.  Ride the Cause Way Bus no. CW3.  One way ride cost SGD 4 for adults and SGD 1.5 for kids. This Cause Way bus will take you to Tuas checkpoint (Singapore’s immigration border to Malaysia).  This ride will take about 30mins.


  • Alight at Tuas Checkpoint and submit to Singapore immigration clearances.  Take note that Singaporeans have a different lines and faster queue.


  • After clearing off Singapore immigration, go out of Tuas Checkpoint building and ride the CW3 bus again.  If your Cause Way Bus CW3 is no longer in sight, do not panic.  Just wait for the next CW3 bus going to Johor Bahru.  You can also ride CW6, CW4, or CW4s.  These buses will bring you to CIQ 2nd Link (Malaysian immigration border to Singapore).  There is no need to pay for this ride – you just have to present your ticket.


  • You will pass by the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link, a bridge way built for both countries’ easy land transport.  Once your bus stops at CIQ 2nd Link, alight there and submit to Malaysian Immigration clearances.
  • After clearing for Malaysian immigration, go outside and look for Cause Way Bus no. CW7L.  This bus no. will bring you to Mall of Medini.  Again, there is no need to pay for this ride, just present your ticket.


  • Alight at Mall of Medini.  Mall of Medini is a mall adjacent to Legoland Malaysia.  Just walk 5 minutes once you alight from the bus – and you are already at Legoland Malaysia. 🙂


Now, how do you get back from Legoland Malaysia to Singapore?  Just follow the same process, from bottom to top.  The only difference is you only pay RM 5 for adults and RM 2.5 for kids.


It’s such a big savings, agree?  But sadly this type of commute is not for everyone.  So who can try this type of commute and get big savings?

  • You are a tourist who will visit Legoland Malaysia from Singapore for a day.  Meaning, you don’t have anything with you except day to day stuffs and all your travel papers.
  • You don’t have big luggage with you.  You will have a hard time carrying your luggage to ride up and go down the bus (you will do this thrice).  It is also not advisable to bring your big luggage at Tuas Link and CIQ 2nd Link.  Hiring a private car might be best for you.
  • You don’t have elderly and babies with you.  We had an easy time going to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore.  The queue at Tuas Link and CIQ 2nd Link was short and bearable.  But it was not the case when we were going back to Singapore.  The queue was really long that it took us an hour at Tuas Link just to be cleared of Singapore immigration.  We saw babies crying and elderly being tired.  So this commute is not for them.
  • The day is yours to spend.  You cannot use this type of commute if you are have a flight to catch or you have a tour in the evening (eg. Night Safari).  Using the public bus means you don’t have control over your travel time.  And because this type of commute entails you to transfer from one transport to another, you will also be very tired.


So when planning that Legoland Malaysia side trip, make sure to check on the best way of commute.  Ours maybe the cheapest, but it might not be the best for you.  But if it is the best for you, I’m glad to be of help in your travel transport savings 🙂

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