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Singapore – Malaysia 2017: Legoland Malaysia

When you’re traveling to Singapore with your kids in tow, visiting Legoland Malaysia should be included in your itinerary.  Legoland Malaysia is located in Johor Bahru – a Malaysian city one hour away from Singapore.

Camouflage ala Lego.

We allotted a whole day in Legoland Malaysia.  We only went to the theme park and did not include the water park in out itinerary.  We availed of the promo 2+1, which means we bought 2 adult tickets and got 1 free child ticket.  Yey for the savings!

Buy 2 adults tickets, get 1 free child ticket.

Legoland Malaysia caters primarily for kids and Lego enthusiast.  It has a lot of Lego inspired rides –most of which are for kids.  Legoland theme park is divided into several areas: the Miniland, Imagination, Lego Technic, Lego Kingdoms, Land of Adventure, Lego City, and Lego Ninjago World.

The Miniland is where miniature replicas of famous Asian structures are.  Each Asian country shows one to two famous places that are made of Lego pieces.  Miniland is huge.  It took 3 years to make and more than 30 million Lego pieces.

Lego Petronas Towers of Malaysia.
Lego Bolinao Pangasinan of the Philippines.  (Not sure why Bolinao though)
Lego Merlion Park of Singapore.
Lego Taj Mahal of India.
Lego Angkor Wat of Cambodia.
Lego Forbidden City of China with the Great Wall as background.


The Imagination area is where kids get to imagine, create, and build.  This is also where the Observation Tower is located. Observation Tower gives the guests a 360 degree view of Legoland Malaysia.  Imagine also soars high in Lego Technic area where Lego Academy and Lego Mindstorms areas located.



Lego City is where kids act like adults.  They learn to drive in a driving school, rescue as if they are firefighters and policemen, and boat around a small river.

My little boatman is so happy.
Following the traffic rules while driving.

Land of Adventure is where the Dino Island and Lost Kingdom is located.  Dino Island gets you wet (so we didn’t ride this).

Dino Island.



Lego Kingdom stood above all (for me at least).  This is where a castle is located and you get to ride the most thrilling ride in Legoland Malaysia: the Dragon.  Lego Kingdom is my favorite. 🙂



Lego Ninjago World is the newest addition to Legoland Malaysia.  It is based on Lego Ninjago TV series.  The signature ride is 4D and kids get to enjoy “fighting” like a ninja.


Before visiting Legoland Malaysia, I was forewarned that as an adult, I might not enjoy the theme park.  But I did enjoy every bit of our visit.  Let me tell you why…

  • Legoland Malaysia is very laid back. During our visit, we did not experience having to queue in line for rides or shows.  We visited attractions after another without having to run, rush, or stress if we will be able to ride.
  • Kiddie rides everywhere. For a mom who wants to make sure your kids get to have so much fun, a theme park which has all of its rides catered for kids is heaven sent.
View from the Observation Tower.
  • Legoland encourages kids’ imagination – as legos do. There are a lot of activities that has lego pieces where kids can create stuff – from robotics, to buildings, to simple designs.


  • Happy kids are everywhere. There was neither grumpy child nor a crying one because they did not get what they want.  This may be due to the fact that everywhere in Legoland Malaysia is catered for kids so no one gets bored or grumpy.
Lego characters dance and join the fun before the park closes.
  • Legoland Malaysia is less crowded than your regular theme park. We have visited a lot of theme parks, and the more crowd means you get to enjoy the theme park less.  So we appreciate that Legoland has less crowd.
  • Customer service was superb. We initially had a problem with the promo we availed when we booked online.  I sent an email to Legoland Malaysia, and they corresponded to me promptly both through emails and phone calls.  We were able to avail the promo even past the promotion date thanks to their sales staff.


So if you have kids with you when you travel to Singapore, do make sure to include Legoland Malaysia in your itinerary.  This will make your kids’ travel a more memorable one, and Legoland Malaysia will be unforgettable to you being a laid back theme park.


Legoland Malaysia

Entrance fee during our visit is RM195 for adults and RM155 for kids.



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