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Singapore – Malaysia: Singapore River Walking Tour

Whenever our family travels, we always opt for a DIY itinerary and we make use of the internet by searching online.  We found out through the internet that doing the Singapore River Walking Tour will take you to Singapore’s famous tourist attractions.  Therefore, on the first day of our Singapore-Malaysia trip we decided to do the Singapore River Walking Tour.

So what is the Singapore River Walking Tour?

The Singapore River Walking Tour is basically doing the Singapore River Cruise only you are walking.  Also, instead of cruising the river, you will be walking to the attractions itself – thus making it a better option.


Where to start?

Start at MRT Raffles Station (North South and/or East West MRT Lines).  This is where Raffles Place is located.  You can start your Singapore River Walk Tour at Raffles Place and Fullerton Hotel.  Then you can go to Merlion Park and Esplanade.  After, walk to Helix Bridge and go directly to Marina Bay Sands and Shoppes by the Bay.  You can then go to Gardens by the Bay.  This is easy to follow, just walk around the river J

What are the tourist attractions you will see while doing the Singapore River Walking Tour?

Raffles Place and Fullerton Hotel. 

Fullerton Hotel as background of Merlion.

Merlion Park.  This is where the famous Merlion (Singapore’s iconic figure) can be found.  We took lots and lots of photos of the Merlion as well as the baby Merlion at the back of it.




Helix Bridge. 

Inside Helix Bridge.

Shoppes by the Bay.  Ooh… my eyes went so large with all the luxury shops inside.

Admiring those Ferrari merchandise.

Marina Bay Sands.


Gardens by the Bay.



How long will the Singapore River Walking Tour take?

It took us 3 to 4 hours to visit all the tourist places above.  It took us quite longer than necessary mainly because it was raining while we were walking.  We have to be careful in our steps so as not to court any accidents.

Where and what to eat while doing the Singapore River Walking Tour?

While walking, look for the old woman who sells ice cream.  You can have it in a bun (more like our monay in the Phils) or wafer.  We choose ice cream in a wafer for SGD 1.2 each.  Tip: the strawberry flavor is very tasty.

We had our early dinner at Satay by the Bay, a famous hawker center near Gardens by the Bay.  However, it is still a few minutes’ walk from the famous tourist spot.  We were actually hungry again when we went back to Marina Bay Sands.  Foods are not really cheap at hawker centers.  It is honestly like our food court, but with tastier foods.


Or if you want to splurge a little, you can eat at the posh restaurants inside Shoppes by the Bay.  J

How to end the Singapore River Walking Tour?

You can end the Singapore River Walking Tour by watching the Light Show at Marina Bay Sands.  Show starts at 8PM (another round every hour).  Find a good seat in front of Marina Bay Sands and take nice pictures (or even videos of the light show).


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