Josephine’s Restaurant at Tagaytay

Tagaytay is just an hour (or less, depending on the traffic) away from where we live.  So during occasions our family always prefers to celebrate in Tagaytay.  Last January, during my birthday, we decided to celebrate at Josephine’s Restaurant at Tagaytay.



Josephine’s Restaurant offers eat-all-you-can buffet and ala carte dining.  We chose the former.  Lunch buffet price is at Php595 during weekends and holidays, exclusive of 10% service charge.

Small fountain near the buffet area.

This is not our first time to eat at Josephine’s Restaurant’s buffet.  The first time was 4 years ago (you can see my blog post here), and I must say that nothing much have changed except the buffet prices.

Buffet area.

We buffet area is big with a beautiful view of Tagaytay.  It is also an open area and you get to savor the cool breeze of Tagaytay.


The food has a variety of choices – viands, pastas, grilled foods, desserts, salads, and drinks.   Foods are refilled timely.  However, just like our first visit, there is still dinnerware shortage so we need to ask staffs for plates and bowls.

Staffs are courteous and helpful.  They assist and offer their services voluntarily.  There was one incident and I’d like to warn you about it.  The buffet price is Php595 +10% service charge.  However, Josephine’s restaurant’s charging slip is priced at Php695 + 10% service charge – and they will just deduct Php100 if you don’t have leftovers.  You will have to ensure that (1) you don’t have leftovers so as not to be charged and (2) double check their charge slips.  We initially paid more than the supposed price – and it was nice of the staffs to assist us well in correcting our bill.

Beautiful view of the Tagaytay that never fails to mesmerize me.

Overall, less the charging mistake, our experience is good.  The buffet price is affordable, the view is nice, the food taste good, and the staffs are helpful.


Josephine’s Restaurant

Lunch Buffet Adult price ~ Php595 + 10% service charge

Kids’ price ~ Php495 + 10% service charge


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