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Singapore Grand Prix 2022

Singapore Grand Prix 2022 was my first ever Formula 1 experience.  I am not a fan, my boys are.  I don’t even know the team and drivers’ names except those popular ones like Ferrari, Redbull, Mercedes, and Mclaren.  But I did have a very intense and memorable experience!



We booked the cheapest ticket for the race day – Sunday Zone 4 Walkabout.  Cost SGD208 (roughly Php8,500) per person.  Gates were opened at 3pm.  So we had time to roam around Marina Bay area first before entering the circuit.



Pop-up stores selling F1 merchandise are everywhere in the city and around the circuit.  What amazes us was the Lego booth which has the life-size Lego McLaren F1 car!



Life-size Lego McLaren


By 3pm, we entered the Marina Bay Circuit to secure a good place for the best view of the race.  The race proper is scheduled at 8pm, and we were too early.  We were not bored though as there were scheduled races prior to the Formula 1 race: Supercar race and WSeries.  Those races were already intense.



There are food and beverages stalls inside the circuit so you won’t get hungry.  The Esplanade Mall is also accessible for better dining options.  Stalls selling official F1 merchandise are everywhere.  But be prepared to spend as it can be expensive (example, regular F1 driver cap cost SGD 90, while the SG GP Max Verstappen limited edition cap cost SGD200, wow!)



Around 6pm, the Formula 1 drivers had their parade on the racetrack giving the adoring fans a chance to see their faces (as you won’t see it during the race proper as the F1 cars drive 160mph on the average).


Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton


Race was scheduled at 8pm. Around 7pm, it rained, SO HARD! I was soaking wet! The umbrellas and ponchos (raincoats) were useless. I thought the race would be cancelled.  But after an hour, the rain stopped and the race was moved a later time.


By 9pm, the Formula 1 was in full race mode!  We were situated in the trackside by Raffles area, Gate 7.  My boys watched the full race without sitting.  I am not a fan, but the adrenaline was so high, it was really hard not to be excited.


By 1130pm, Singapore Grand Prix ended with Checo Perez at 1st podium, Charles Leclerc at 2nd, and Carlos Sainz at 3rd.  My son’s favorite, Lando Norris was 4th place.  Fireworks were superb celebrating the winner.


We did not watch the concert of Green Day after, as we were so tired already (with me, still wet from the rain).   There are scheduled concerts from Day 1 to Day 3, and unfortunately for us, our bodies were so tired to watch just a single one.


Singapore Grand Prix gave me an exhilarating experience. I am not a fan but after that weekend, I might be converted.  Almost a month had passed and I’m still reeling from the excitement.


Watch our experience here:

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