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Dine at Cavite: Ming’s Garden ~ Silang, Cavite

Located at Silang, situated along Tagaytay-Sta Rosa Road, is a huge venue called Ming’s Garden.  Ming’s Garden is nestled in a 3-hectare property that sells plants (ornamental, herbs and spices, etc.), hosts events, and is home to a restaurant called Mozu at Ming’s.



Mozu at Ming’s Garden is our next feature restaurant in our Dine-at-Cavite mini blog-series.



We arrived at Ming’s Garden in the afternoon.  Ample parking spaces are provided.  We toured the place first before we dined-in. They sell a lot of plants at Ming’s Garden.  The place also has a huge events pavilion in case you want a very outdoorsy place to hold your celebration.



Mozu at Ming’s is an al fresco restaurant right at the entrance of Ming’s Garden.  The restaurant has two areas for dining: the main dining and garden dining.  We chose to eat at the garden dining.  The garden dining has only 20 tables with 4 diners each; but if you ask me, the garden dining can accommodate twice this amount.  If you are not yet comfortable dining with other people, then Mozu at Ming’s is a good choice for eating out.


Main Dining


Garden Dining


Mozu at Ming’s offers Filipino dishes.  Here’s the menu offering:



We ordered the following:


Pork Sinigang, Php450.  The serving is abundant and can serve 4-5 people.  My son feels like the sinigang needs more veggies.


Crispy Pork Binagoongan, Php340.  The pork is really crispy (and hard).


Lumpiang Ubod, Php220.  I was expecting fresh lumpiang ubod since I did not read the menu properly that it was fried.  It was delicious though.


Pork Sisig, Php270.  Same with Crispy Pork Binagoongan, the pork is hard.


Tres Pares, Php180.  This dessert was served in a small portion only, but since it was very very very sweet, one to two spoonful would be enough for one person.


The food offerings of Mozu at Ming’s is just your regular Filipino dishes.  Nothing too fancy nor something to crave for.  But the ambience of the place is too good that you will definitely want to be back just to savor the gardens.  The beautiful gardens will cleanse your mind and let you breathe fresh air.  Something a lot of us needs while we are in the midst of the pandemic.


PS: Ming’s Garden is owned by Former First Lady Ming Ramos 🙂

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