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Dine at Cavite: Harvest Kitchen and Café ~ Indang, Cavite

Hidden in Indang, Cavite is a quaint restaurant called Harvest Kitchen and Café.  This beautiful restaurant is our next feature for our Dine-at-Cavite mini blog series.



Harvest Kitchen and Cafe is a small al fresco dining place located in a large property.  Several fruit bearing trees such as coconut, jackfruit, banana, and a lot more are grown in the property of Harvest Kitchen and Café.  Edible plants such lettuce are also available in the place.



Harvest Kitchen and Cafe is also called Bounty Harvest Cafe.  It is an agri-tourism place that can host farm visits and dining.


They sell coconut vinegar too.


We arrived around lunch time at Harvest Kitchen and Café.  Since the restaurant is small, and can only accommodate few diners at a time, we roamed the area first before dining.



Even though we were there during lunch time, we did not really feel it was too hot or humid.  As mentioned above, the place is full of trees and plants and since Indang is located quite close to Tagaytay, the weather is a bit cold and refreshing.


When we were seated, we ordered right away.  Here’s the menu offering of Harvest Kitchen and Café.  The menu offerings are simple and minimal.



Here’s what we ordered:

8pcs. Chicken Wings Php230.  My son enjoyed the garlic parmesan flavor of the chicken wings.


Spring Rolls. Php190.  I expected fresh spring rolls, but was served a fried one.  Maybe, I should have asked first before ordering.  But I must say, the Harvest Kitchen and Café Spring Roll is one of the best tasting Spring Roll I have tasted.


Lechon Kawali. Php250. This dish tastes okay and was served fast.


Bolognese. Php220. This dish tastes like your regular sweet spaghetti.  If you have a child with you, they will enjoy this.


New York Cheesecake.  This taste just like your regular cheesecake, nothing fancy.  (Sorry, I forgot the price of this).


Harvest Kitchen and Café offers very affordable dishes.  I was surprised by the price in their menu as I expected it to be more expensive as the place was quite nice.


Ample parking is provided as the place is vast.  If you are planning to visit the place on public commute, I am unsure how you might do it, as Harvest Kitchen and Café is located in a very secluded place and I think private transport would be best.


If you’re looking for a charming place to dine at Cavite, you may want to consider Harvest Kitchen and Café.


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