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Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club Getaway

It has been more than a year since our family visited the beach and our feet have been itching to feel the sand already.  Traveling in the new normal entails a lot of requirements and searching for the place to have a quick beach getaway was quite demanding.   Luckily, we live near Batangas, a place that boasts a lot of fine beaches.  However, travel restrictions are still in place and since we are traveling with a child, we need to look for a place that would accommodate our whole family.  Nasugbu in Batangas has been lenient for us.


There are a lot of nice beach resorts in Nasugbu and we decided to stay in one of the best – Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club.  It is located at Hamilo Coast and is a vast place sitting in a 40-hectare property.



Pico de Loro Condos for Rent

There are two types of accommodation at Pico de Loro Country Club.  One is by staying at Pico Sands Hotel and the other is by staying at one of the many condos for rent inside Pico de Loro.  There are many condos for rent at Pico de Loro that you can choose from – each condo differs from room sizes and amenities offered.  We opted to rent a condo as it is best for a family of five to be able to cook food for a two-night stay.  You can book your condo online using Agodahomes or Airbnb.


You will have to pay for guests’ fees if you are renting a condo.  Guest fees for adults on weekdays are Php800 and Php500 for kids.  Guest fees for weekends and holidays are more expensive than that of weekdays.



Travel Requirements and Restrictions

If you opt to book a room at Pico Sands Hotel, you will need to undergo COVID-19 testing for each guest.  However, if you choose to rent a condo, you only need to fill up a health declaration form.  Kids are also allowed in Pico de Loro.   Minimum health and safety protocols are implemented during our stay with all guests wearing face masks, provided they are not eating or swimming.  Social distancing is also encouraged.



Pico de Loro Country Club

There are a lot of things that you can do at Pico de Loro aside from swimming at the beach.  The Pico de Loro Country Club offers various sports facilities such as bowling, billiards, table tennis, basketball, and a lot more – but using these facilities are not for free.  Several swimming pools are also available at the country club.  And if you find yourself hungry during your stay, the Lagoa restaurant is also located at the country club.



The Lagoon

One of the many beautiful scenery at Pico de Loro Country Club is the huge man-made lagoon spanning across the middle of the entire property.  Several ducks are residing in this lagoon and feeding them are encouraged.  A hanging bridge can also be seen in the northern part of the lagoon – which makes a good picturesque area.



The Cove

Pico de Loro Country Club is located at Pico de Loro cove.  The beach is nice with fine, light brown-colored sand.  Some parts of the cove have rocks and corals; and you are sure to find small fishes while you swim.  There are a lot of beach umbrellas and chairs you can put your things at.  At the right-side of the beach is The Beach Club, where only members of Pico de Loro Country Club are allowed.



A chapel called St. Therese is situated in a high part of the place.  We went there and was treated to this wonderful view.



A Perfect Family Getaway

We stayed at Pico de Loro Country Club for two nights and had a delightful experience.  The place is not as crowded as before the pandemic.  It is a perfect family getaway as it is not far from the metro and it offers a relaxing beach-vibe everyone has been clamoring for since the beginning of the lock-down.




Disclaimer: We paid for our accommodation at Pico de Loro Country Club and all opinions are mine.

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