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A Luxurious Retreat at The Farm at San Benito

Most of us has been inside our homes for quite some time already for the past months due to the pandemic.  Our little boy, like most kids, is feeling bored as he is not accustomed to being holed-up for months inside our house.  For his birthday this month, he requested to go to a hotel or resort to celebrate this special occasion.  As a family who loves to wander about, it was such a challenge for us to look for places to celebrate occasions as resorts and hotels often do not allow little kids due to health reasons.  It was a good thing we found The Farm at San Benito.


The Farm at San Benito is a famous place for people who wants to have a calm retreat as they offer luxurious holistic getaway for every person.   They offer luxurious accommodations, vegan and pescatarian meals, holistic treatments, and above all, peace of mind as The Farm at San Benito has a COVID-free environment.


Upon arrival at the parking area of The Farm at San Benito, we were lined up for the drive-thru covid testing – a requirement for all guests before they enter the premises of the resort.  We waited for few minutes to be tested and another 15 mins for the results, which were thankfully, negative.  Woohoo!!



We went to the reception area, paid the security deposit of Php10,000, and were oriented with the rules and regulations as well as the schedule of complimentary activities.  After that, we were assisted to our villa.  We lounge and rested for an hour inside our villa, which is too gorgeous not to take advantage of.



Palmera Glass Villa

Our accommodation is called the Palmera Glass Villa.  This is one of the newest additions to The Farm’s selection of villas.  It is a 50sqm private area with crystalline glass walls surrounded by lush green garden and a spacious lanai.  It has king size bed, a big daybed, superb air-conditioning, LED television, mini bar (sans the refrigerator), drinking water, hot water kettle, coffee table for two, and safety deposit box.  It has a walk-in closet with bathrobes, slippers, and hairdryer.  It has an indoor and outdoor shower and an outdoor bathtub complete with handmade bath amenities.



We then started touring part of the 48-hectare property of The Farm at San Benito.  It was such a humbling experience to be able to see this much greenery and be able to breathe in fresh air without worries during this pandemic.


Secret Garden, Infinity Pool, and South Pool

The Farm at San Benito has three common pools: Secret Garden, Infinity Pool, and South Pool.  The Secret Garden is where the man-made waterfalls is located.  The South Pool is located near the Pesce Restaurant, while the Infinity Pool is at the Spa Sanctuary.


Infinity Pool
Waterfalls at Secret Garden
South Pool


300-year old Mango Tree

One of The Farm’s most instagrammable place is the where the 300-year old Mango Tree is planted.  It is amazing that this one tree has withstand time that long.




Several man-made lagoons can be seen in some area at The Farm at San Benito.  You can lounge and just stay in peace while savoring the views offered by these lagoons.



Mandala Flower Arrangements

The Farm at San Benito offers complimentary wellness activities for their guests.  Vinsala Yoga, Fitness walks, Cooking demo, and Wellness talk to name a few.  Weather was not cooperating when we were there but we did catch some Mandala Flower arrangements while touring around.



Peacocks, Geese, and Ducks

The Farm at San Benito is home to quite a few peacocks.  They roam around the whole place and I am sure you will not leave the place without seeing one.  Geese and ducks are also residents of The Farm.  They are seen mostly near the vegan restaurant called ALIVE!


ALIVE! Vegan Restaurant

We had our dinner and next-day breakfast at ALIVE! Vegan Restaurant.  We had the 4-course dinner package and the complimentary vegan breakfast included in our accommodation.

Tomato Rasam Soup – Php460
Fresh Salad Roll in Almond Butter Sauce – Php350
Mixed Organic Salad – Php450
The Farm’s Vegetable Curry and Chapati – Php500
Tofu Steak – Php400
Our little boy was treated to a vegan chocolate ice cream and vegan chocolate cake for his birthday. 😊



The Farm Essentials

The Farm at San Benito also offers merchandise in their souvenir shop called The Farm Essentials in collaboration with Lunas Living Oils.  The staffs were generous enough to give us quite a few of these as a token.



Well-maintained Property and World Class Service

The Farm at San Benito is not your regular resort/hotel.  The place is luxurious all-throughout and thus, is quite expensive by normal standard.  Let me assure you that, it is worth every peso you spend on it.  We were offered the best service we can get during our stay in one of the most beautiful accommodation we have been to.  And let me quote their brochure, “We had the most unparalleled life-changing holiday experience”.



Disclaimer: We paid for our accommodation at The Farm at San Benito and all opinions are mine.

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