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Australia: DFO Experience

DFO or Direct Factory Outlets is the best place to shop for branded items when you are visiting Australia.  When we traveled to Australia this year, we went to Homebush DFO, a popular DFO in New South Wales.  It was my first time to do an outlet shopping and the experience was so different than your normal shopping.



One luxury brand next to another

DFO sells branded items.  From mid-range to high-end to luxury brands.  The shopaholic in you will have a feast day just looking at all the branded items you can purchase.  Homebush DFO has several branded stores just check out this link:


Sale, Offers, and Discounts

DFO sells branded items at a lesser price than the normal shops.  You can get buy1, take1 offers.  You can also get as much as 50% to 70% discount.  And that is not all, you can get free items and additional offers on top of these discounts.


Old styles but still stylish

DFO can sell branded items at a discount because these styles are no longer the fashion trend of the season.  Fret not, since you are shopping outside of the country, these styles can still look fashionable when used in our country.


Still Pricey

Since DFO sell branded items, even at a discounted price, these items are still expensive.  Make sure you have enough money before you visit a DFO so you can take home any item that your heart desires 🙂


Two tips

Don’t just buy ASAP.  Roam around the DFO first and check out all the stores and the items you might like.  Roam around the second time and feel those items if they spark joy – then buy it!  You never know when you will get to visit a DFO again 🙂


Tourist Refund.  Like most countries, Australia offers Tourist Tax refund.  If you shop more than AUD300 in one shop, you can get 10% discount for it.  So if you are targeting an expensive item, make sure to avail of this discount.



I personally had a very nice experience shopping at Homebush DFO.  I was able to take home some luxury items as souvenir and would not mind going back again to shop more.  I just need to save more to be able to take home more souvenirs next time I visit *wink*


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