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Duck Day Manila 2019

Last September 10, 2019, the first ever Duck Day Manila was celebrated at Conrad Hotel and Resort.  This event was made possible by Philippines and Thailand in partnership with BR Group of Companies and Donny’s Choice Seafoods.



Guests were treated to delicious duck dishes prepared by five celebrity chefs.  Celebrity chefs Gene Gonzales, Boy Logro, Willment Leong, Rosebuz Benitez, and Chef Choi have cooked and served various delectable and mouthwatering duck recipes that was enjoyed by everyone in attendance throughout the event.



Dalee Duck was introduced in Duck Day Manila 2019.  Dalee Duck offers various duck products that is known to be of high quality.  Duck meat are generally healthier than chicken.  Duck meat are juicy and tender and can be a good alternative to chicken too.






Donny’s Choice is headed by its chairman, Mr. Donny Yeung, and BR Group Vice Chairman and Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Mr. Joseph Suchaovanich.


Duck Day Manila 2019 ended as a successful event that aims to make September 10 as National Duck Day in Philippines.



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