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Christmas Gift Idea: Perfume Dessert

The most joyous season is almost here and as tradition, we Filipinos love to give and receive gifts.  If you are currently thinking of what gift to give to your girl-friends, I can suggest something for you.  Something unique and nice to have.  Perfume Dessert.



Women love to smell nice and receiving perfume as gifts is flattering.  Perfume Dessert has a lot of different scents, yummy enough to be eaten 😊 As every woman has different likes when we spray perfume, Perfume Dessert offers a variety of flavors that is sure to enhance every woman’s taste of scent.


Perfume Dessert comes with elegant packaging that is perfect for personal use and attractive in gift-giving.  There is no need to exert effort in gift-wrapping as Perfume Dessert’s packaging is already nicely done.


Perfume Dessert is reasonably priced at Php250 for 30ml bottle and is a perfect gift this coming holiday season.

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