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Palaui Island: Part 4 ~ Keeping Notes

After visiting Palaui Island, I collated some notes that could help other tourist (or me when I visit the place again).

  • Palaui Island is famous because this is where the Survivor Season 27 and Season 28 were held.
Beautiful Palaui view.
  • There are two tour boat associations that are accredited to bring tourist at Palaui Island.  One is from where we came from, Nangaramoan Beach, which is distinguished by green boats.  The other is the more popular one, San Vicente Port, which is distinguished by white boats.  Either association serves it purpose of bringing tourist to Palaui Island, but if you want to explore the beach more, I suggest you stay at Nangaramoan Beach, and use the green tourist boats.
  •  For the adventurers, there are walking trails you can follow when you visit Palaui Island.  There’s the Leonardo Trail and the Lagunzad Trail.  The Lagunzad Trail is longer and takes about 3 hours walk.  We didn’t use any of the trails as we traveled by boat instead.palaui_island_cape_engano_3
  • Swimming might not be the best option during a Palaui Island tour unless you plan to go to Anguib Beach.  I am not sure, but the only comfort room, not entirely a shower room, I saw in the island was at Cape Engano entrance.  Unless you can travel home dripping with beach water.
The only comfort room I saw in the island.
  •  Palaui is an Island.  Expect that there is neither food nor water available for sale.  Before going to our journey, we were asked if we want to have our lunch at Punta Verde costing Php15o per person.  We said yes, and they informed (through text) their contact at Punta Verde that we will be having our lunch there.  The lunch was meager, too expensive for me, but I’m glad we did have lunch there because I am actually famished with all the island tour that we did.  We also brought water along.
Forest crabs for sale.  We didn’t buy it though.
  • I advise against bringing children with you.  We are so happy that we left Neo sleeping with his Lolo Frank.  Neo will not endure the boat ride along rough waves, the hiking to Cape Engano Lighthouse, or the walking along the dirty shores of Punta Verde.  I suggest you bring your kids when they are already teenagers and can enjoy the adventure.
This isn’t a kid friendly hike.

There you go.  I may not visit this island again, anytime soon, but I will surely return, perhaps with my little boy when he is a bit older and can withstand the adventure without tantrums.  🙂


PS: This was originally published last February 2016 in my previous blog: Baby Neo’s Mama.



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