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Palaui Island: Part 3 ~ Punta Verde

Punta Verde is where the local community of Palaui Island is located.  It is also a Marine Base.


The shores of Punta Verde, during the time we went there, was full of dead seaweeds.  It was because it rained a day before we went there.  It looks dirty because it’s all black, but was really non-toxic naman.

I was really excited to go to Punta Verde since I am so hungry.  This is because prior to going to Palaui Island, the wife of our boatman already informed her contact at Punta Verde that we will be having our lunch there.  Our lunch consisted of rice, fried fish, fried squid, and fish stew.  This costed us Php15o per person.

Our lunch.  Local lunch served by Palaui Island residents.

I am not a fan of local food like this, but I really enjoyed the meal (had 2 servings) since I was tired and famished.

After eating, we were offered to take a tour at Baratubut Falls which is inside Palaui Island.  We just have to pay a tour guide for it.  Same cost for Cape Engano: Php3oo/tour guide.  Ratio is 4 tourists to 1 tour guide.  But since we already paid at Cape Engano, we just have to pay Php5o/tour guide.  Unfortunately for me, all my travel buddies no longer want a walking tour to Baratubut Falls.  So we didn’t push through that tour.  🙁

I just busied myself in looking for souvenirs.  All souvenirs they sell at Palaui Island are made of shells.  They sell this at a very low cost.  Had I been a business-minded person, I would have hoarded all these shells and sold it at Manila for 3x the price LOL.


Shells. Shells. And shells.

After buying our souvenirs, we told our boatmen that we wanted to go back to Nangaramoan Beach instead of the previously agreed tour at Anguib Beach.  This is because we are all very tired.  The waves are rougher during our trip back – but I will surely visit this place again…sometime when Neo can too so I get to enjoy and experience it with him.


PS: This was originally published last February 2016 in my previous blog: Baby Neo’s Mama.



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