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Japan: Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is one of the three major theme parks in Japan.  The other two are the Universal Studios Japan in Kansai and the Tokyo Disneyland.  When traveling with kids, visiting theme parks will always be included in your itinerary – and so all three theme parks were included in ours.

We availed of the 2-day passport and allotted a day each for Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland.  A 1-day passport costs JPY7400 for adults and JPY4800 for kids.  A 2-day passport costs JPY13200 for adults and JPY8600 for kids.  You have to visit both theme parks on consecutive days if you avail the 2-day passport.


We decided to visit Tokyo DisneySea first.


Tokyo DisneySea is very different from all Disney theme parks (Disneyland).  It is one of its kind and is solely located in Tokyo, Japan.


Tokyo DisneySea is divided into seven main areas: The Mediterranean Harbor, Arabic Coast, American Waterfront, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Lost River Delta, and Port Discovery.  Each of these areas has popular attractions that people queue up to.  Fast Passes are offered to some famous attractions but since it’s famous, even fast pass have queues.

Mediterranean Harbor is the first area you will see once you enter.  This area is very European in style.  It has picturesque buildings and gondolas to complete the European experience.

The Mediterranean Harbor at night.

Located at the middle of Tokyo DisneySea is the Mysterious Island where Mount Prometheus, the manmade mountain in the center, is located.  It is vast and can be seen anywhere in Tokyo DisneySea.  Inside Mount Prometheus is one of DisneySea’s famous attractions: Journey to the Center of the Earth.  We just passed by this attraction since Neo was not allowed due to height restrictions.


Mermaid Lagoon is where a lot of water-inspired attractions are located.  The most famous attraction inside Mermaid Lagoon is the theater that showcases The Little Mermaid’s under the sea adventures.  We were so unfortunate that this attraction was under maintenance during our visit.  Nonetheless, we enjoyed other attractions such as Jumpin’ Jellyfish and Ariel’s Playground.


Arabian Coast is where the Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage is located.  This attraction tells about the story of Sinbad in the manner of Disneyland’s Its A Small World.  Another famous attraction for the Arabian Coast area is The Magic Lamp Theater – Aladdin’s Genie is the protagonist in the story.


Indiana Jones Adventure and Raging Spirits attractions are the most famous in Lost River Delta area.  We were not able to ride any of this as our little boy falls short of the height requirement.  What we were able to try was the DisneySea Steamer Liner – a luxury voyage that sails up to Mediterranean Harbor.

At Port Discovery, we tried the Aquatopia, were we boarded a watercraft that’s whirling around with unexpected turns.  We also rode the DisneySea Electric Railway to American Waterfront.  The Electric Railway was situated above ground and the trains are open, so it was so cold.


American Waterfront’s most famous attraction is the Toy Story Mania.  We arrived at Tokyo DisneySea before 10AM and the fast pass for this attraction was no longer available (it’s that famous).


Mr. Potato Head entertaining kids at Toy Story Mania area.

However, we were able to ride one of the most amazing rides in Tokyo DisneySea here in the American Waterfront: The Tower of Terror.  We lined up for more than two hours for this ride.  Neo was the smallest person during our time to ride this and what’s surprising was that he wasn’t the most scared…it was me.

The Tower of Terror – a very scary ride.

There’s a Titanic-like ship at American Waterfront.  This is where some restaurants are located.

That big ship is actually a restaurant.

Here are my takeaways from our Tokyo DisneySea visit:

  • Tokyo DisneySea is very different from Disneyland.  DisneySea caters to young adult audiences for attractions.  Though there are some attractions that can accommodate little kids, most attractions are tailored for young adults.
  • Make sure to get a fast pass in popular attractions.  Waiting in line will take 1-2 hours (or more) depending on the time you visit.
  • Food and drinks, as such with other theme parks, is very expensive.  We didn’t have a full meal as waiting in restaurants takes a lot of time too.  What we did was ate snacks while queuing for attractions.  This saves us time and money J
  • Height restrictions are strictly followed.  If the attraction’s height requirement is 190cm, even if you are at 189cm, you won’t be permitted to ride.
  • There are attractions that allow PWD and pregnant women.  Staffs are courteous enough to ensure their safety and comfort that is why they always board first and alight first as well.
  • Character appears anywhere.  A schedule is printed in the pamphlet, so make sure to get one.  Most DisneySea characters are the sidekicks or the not so famous ones.  But still, they are sought after.


  • Don’t leave the park early and wait for Fantasmic.  Look for a comfortable place with a good line of view before 7PM so you get to experience a wonderful parade.

At exactly 7PM, the most awaited DisneySea parade took place at the waters of the Mediterranean Harbor: Fantasmic.  This is an entertainment in the form of a parade that shows the story of Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s apprentice.  Fantasmic is very nice as it has a lot of animations, lights, lasers, and fireworks.


We left Tokyo DisneySea after Fantasmic.  We were so tired but very happy.  We didn’t wait for the park to close as we will have another full day ahead of us at Tokyo Disneyland. J

Japan 2017: Tokyo Disneyland


PS: This was originally published last July 2017 in my previous blog: Baby Neo’s Mama.



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