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Press Release: Nestokid Supports Healthy and #GrowHappy Kids

I’m sure that all mommies, just like me, would say that their happiness is their kids.  Our happiness depends on our kids’ happiness.  But did you know that according to studies, happiness is actually a powerful combination of a nurturing environment and proper nutrition?

Nestokid comes up with some suggestions on how we can have a create a nurturing environment for our kids:

nestokid growhappy

Hugs and kisses from mom and dad.  Kids need a loving and nurturing environment to #GrowHappy.  Love and care helps a lot for kids to have a positive emotional state of happiness.  So don’t forget to give your little ones hugs and kisses.

Play time, game time.  Mommies, do you know that there is such a thing called physical happiness?  For kids, this equates to playing.  So we need to make sure we give our kids time to enjoy and play so they can experience more happiness in their childhood.  Make sure your kids get all the happy exercise they need to build those little muscles.

Supporting proper nutrition.  Do you know that “happy hormones” starts from the tummy?  These happy hormones are called serotonin and it is produced in the tummy.  That is why we need to make sure our kids get proper nutrition to support their growth and development.  Make sure they eat fruits and vegetables combined with fish and meat too.  And of course, milk is an integral part of every child’s diet.

Give your growing kid NestoKid Four.  NESTOKID® FOUR is a growing up milk that helps support your child’s growing needs. It has vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. On top of these, it has L.comfortis, a probiotic that provides gut comfort, helps strengthen immunity and support overall growth and development.

So mommies, enjoy your happiness with your child everyday! Give your kid Nestokid Four.  Because a healthy child is a happy child! NESTOKID FOUR, #GROWHAPPY!


NESTOKID® FOUR is not a breastmilk substitute but a growing-up milk especially suited to healthy young children above 3 years old.



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