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Hong Kong to Macau via the HZMB

Travelers visiting Hong Kong always try to squeeze in their itinerary a day trip in Macau.   Macau is just an hour away from Hong Kong by ferry.  This ride will cost you HKD 160 for weekdays or HKD 175 for weekends, for one-way ferry ride.


Last 2018, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao-Bridge or HZMB opened its doors to shuttle buses and private vehicles going to and from Hong Kong and Macao.  This made transportation a lot cheaper, as one way shuttle bus from Hong Kong to Macao is just HKD 65 for adults and HKD 33 for children.





  1. Ride the MTR to Sunny Bay Station [cost will differ from wherever station you came from]



  1. At the Sunny Bay Station, look for the B5 bus. This will take you the Hong Kong Port where you will ride the HZMB shuttle bus to Macao. [cost: HKD 4.8]



  1. At the Hong Kong Port, you will go through immigration as you leave Hong Kong.



  1. Buy tickets for the shuttle bus at HZMB. You can use your Octopus card in buying the tickets. [cost: HKD 65 for adults; HKD 33 for kids].



  1. Look for the shuttle going to Macao.


  1. Bus ride to Macao will take 45 minutes the most.


  1. Upon arrival at the Macao Port, you will go through Macao Immigration as you enter Macao.





Going back to Hong Kong would be the same steps.  Just take note that at Hong Kong Port, there are several buses that can take you to other MTR stations.  We used B6 from Hong Kong Port to Tung Chung station instead of B5 to Sunny Bay station when we went back to Hong Kong as we want to check out the Citygate Outlets.



  • There are free shuttle buses of different casinos from Macao Port that would take you to Taipa Ferry Terminal in Macao. At the Taipa Ferry Terminal, there are a lot of free shuttle buses of several casinos that would take you to their hotels. We rode the Venetian Macao’s free shuttle.



  • For faster Macao tour, you can use the buses at Macao Port. Bus 101x will take you to Senado Square at HKD 6 (MOP 6).  Macao uses HKD and MOP as currency.  There is no need to exchange.  But take note that Macao buses do not use Octopus card and they do not give change, so make sure you pay the exact amount.


Easy, cheap, and convenient, right?  You can try it yourself and include a Macao Day Trip in your itinerary next time you visit Hong Kong.

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