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An Afternoon at Clark Airforce City Park

Clark is a huge place with lots of enormous parks in almost all areas.  We honestly felt like we were on a different country while we were at Clark.  One of the parks we visited (other than the Mimosa Park in front of our hotel) was the Clark Air Force City Park.


Clark is an airbase.  They allotted a park to display retired aircrafts – Clark Air Force City Park.  It is open to the public though you have to secure a health clearance first from the Air Force City Hospital before you are allowed to enter the park.



Getting a health clearance at Air Force City Hospital is fairly easy.  You just have to get your temperature taken, register in their logbook, and stamp yourself in the wrist (like they do in theme parks) and you are cleared of the health check. Air Force City Hospital is more than 2kms away from Air Force City Park.  It is best to have a private transportation when you go and visit it.


Tent where health clearance can be secured.


After our health clearance, we went to the Air Force City Park.  There is a huge parking space you can utilize.  Rest rooms are also available (with a fee, I think for cleaning purposes).  Trash cans are everywhere.



Kids can enjoy running around and learning a lot in the park.  They can also play in the playground provided for them.  You can also have picnics in the park – but you must ensure to claygo (clean-as-you-go).



There are a lot of air force personnel in the park, and you must be crazy to break rules about health and safety, social distancing, littering, or any rules at all with them around! Hahahaha 😀


Now, let me show you the retired aircrafts on display at Air Force City Park.


The T-33 “Thunderbird” was the first jet aircraft of the Philippines.


The T-28 “Trojan” (Tora-Tora) was used by the 15th Strike Wing against secessionists and insurgents. It was commonly called “Tora-Tora” because it resembles the Japanese Zero Fighter of the Second World War.


F-5A (Jet Fighter) was a needle-nosed jet popularly called “Freedom Fighter” assigned to the 5th Fighter Wing in Basa Air Base, Pampanga. This aircraft was also used by the Blue Diamonds in aerial demonstrations during significant National, AFP, and PAF celebrations.


The Vought F-8 Crusader was a carrier-based fighter with variable-incidence wings, all-weather radar, auto-pilot, and sophisticated weapons delivery system. It can be equipped with various weapons such as air-to-air missiles, rockets, 20mm cannons, M-60 machine guns, and 500-pounds bombs.


The UH-1H “Iroquios” nicknamed “Huey” was extensively used during the Vietnam War by the Americans and proved its invaluable service for Air Mobility and Rapid Deployment of Troops. The Philippine Air Force received 75 HUEYs from the US government.


Sharing with you a vlog of Air Force City Park at Clark, Pampanga.




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