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Dine at Cavite: Café Agapita ~ Silang, Cavite

Cavite is a place that has lots of restaurant that can give you unique dining experiences.  Our Dine-at-Cavite feature restaurant this time is Café Agapita.



Café Agapita is located at the heart of Silang, Cavite.  It is one of the many cafés and restaurants in Silang that offers delicious foods and good coffee.



Café Agapita is what many diners have quoted as an instagrammable-place for dining.  It has open-air dining and has two big pavilions for dining.  I am assuming the place is an events venue as well.



We arrived at Café Agapita in the afternoon while it was raining.  We thought we would not have a nice dining experience since the place was dampened by the rain.  We were wrong.  The two pavilions where dining are done were all spacious, well-ventilated, properly lit, and above all, very clean.  We did not even feel the rain outside while dining.



The whole area of Café Agapita is open-air.  Even the restrooms are open-air.  There are ample parking spaces in the two entrances of Café Agapita – there are also parking spaces for the guests in the vacant lot in front of the restaurant.  The place has so much plants and there are places you can take nice photos at.  We were not fortunate during our visit, as it was raining, though.


We had an early dinner at Café Agapita.  Here’s their menu offering:



We ordered the following:

Southern Fried Chicken, Php250.  Our little boy loved the dish.


Bagnet Rice Meal, Php290. The serving is small for its price.


Garden Salad, Php220. Same with the Bagnet Rice Meal,I find the serving is small for its price.


Cheesy Margherita, Php300.  I liked this pasta, maybe because they did not scrimp on the serving of the cheese.


We also ordered Salted Caramel Latte, Php165.  For me, the coffee taste just like your regular latte.  It was priced higher than your regular latte, though.


Our visit at Café Agapita was quick.  The place is pretty but not too big.  We could have stayed more if it was not raining and maybe took wonderful photos during our visit.


Here’s a vlog of Cafe Agapita:


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