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Dine at Cavite: Cucina Bernardo, Angelfields Nature Sanctuary ~ Silang, Cavite

The next restaurant I will feature in our Dine-at-Cavite mini-blog series is Cucina Bernardo.  Cucina Bernardo is located inside Angelfields Nature Sanctuary at Silang, Cavite.


Angelfields Nature Sanctuary is a farm that is home to various flora and fauna.  It has a pavilion that can host events and their in-house restaurant is called Cucina Bernardo.



Since the pandemic, my husband and I have been very careful in dining only in restaurants that offer outdoor dining.  We have not tried bringing our child out to dine since most outdoor dining restaurants still do not accept minors.  We would only buy take-outs for him and eat at home or inside our car.  We have long been looking for places that would allow minor and will ensure proper safety protocols for them.  We are glad we found Cucina Bernardo in Angelfields.



Angelfields Nature Sanctuary is vast.  The pavilion where Cucina Bernardo is located is huge and is open-air.  It is the perfect dining place for family with kids.  Several tables are also set-up in the fields so if you feel you do not like to dine inside the open-air restaurant, you can dine under the sky 🙂


We arrived early afternoon at Angelfields Nature Sanctuary and decided to tour the place first.  There are various animals such as ducks, chickens, turkeys, dogs, turtles, and sheep.  You can feed these animals at Php10 per cup of feeds.  Catfishes are also plenty in the ponds.



There are a lot of ponds inside Angelfields Nature Sanctuary.  You can feed the ducks in these ponds.  Be very careful while doing so as these ponds do not have safety ropes or warning signs.  During our visit, a man accidentally fell on one of the ponds.



After touring the place for a couple of hours, we decided to settle down and order our food.  We chose to sit at the table set-up in the fields.  The staffs made sure we follow the proper number of people to be seated in a table.  They also made sure to disinfect the tables and chairs before we were allowed to be seated.



Angelfields Nature Sanctuary does not have an entrance fee and you can enjoy the nature and animals for free.  All you have to do is order a minimum of Php500 per person at Cucina Bernardo for your visit.   Here’s the menu offering at Cucina Bernardo.



We ordered the following:

Angelfields Salad, Php420 – I love that the salad is fresh and they have danggit flakes to compliment the salad dressing.


Crispy Pata, Php820 – I miss eating unhealthy and delicious foods like this!


Tuna Salpicao, Php650 – I like that the tuna taste fresh, though I think the dish was too pricey


Kare-Kareng Gulay, Php255 – This is a dish I love eating anywhere.  I appreciate how it is so difficult to cook kaya I always find Kare-Kare delicious hahaha


Binagoongan Rice, Php220 – It was not too salty.


We also ordered Tarragon Tea, Php120.  It was too sweet for me.  We were not able to order desserts as they only accept last order by 730pm.


We had a wonderful time at Angelfields Nature Sanctuary as our little boy was able to enjoy the place and we had a delicious meal at Cucina Bernardo.  We will definitely visit this place again to dine and unwind. 🙂



Here’s a video blog you can watch for Angelfields Nature Sanctuary:



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