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Dine at Cavite: Surugin Ramen House ~ Alfonso, Cavite

The next restaurant I will feature in our Dine at Cavite mini-blog series is Surugin Ramen House.  It is located at Brgy. Sulsugin, Alfonso, Cavite.


Surugin Ramen House is a newly opened Japanese-inspired restaurant with affordable and delicious meals.  It cannot be easily accessed through public transport that is why I recommend you visit this place using private vehicle.



Surugin Ramen House has a main restaurant that can accommodate at most 10 – 12 people to follow social-distancing guidelines.  There are small tables outside that can sit the same number of people as well.  The whole place is full of plants and trees, as the staff told us that the area is the owner’s rest house and did not want to remove the plants that were there before they decided to make it a restaurant.



When we visited Surugin Ramen House, we opted to sit outside the main restaurant.  Since the place is full of plants, insects were everywhere.  The staffs were nice to put incense in our area to ward of the insects during our dinner.




The menu offered by Surugin Ramen House is very affordable.  The ramen costs Php170-Php240 per serving.



We ordered the miso-based ramen and gyoza.



I honestly, did not expect too much for the price, as ramen costs Php350+ per serving in the metro.  But I was amazingly surprised that the ramen taste so delectable.  The soup was tasty, the noodles were firm, and the pork was delicious.  The serving size is just right.


After eating, we immediately left the place.  The entire area of Surugin Ramen House is not huge.  There is no picturesque area you can hang out, and you will be doing the other customers disservice by staying at the table longer than your regular dining.



This is a restaurant that you will surely visit not for the scenic place, but because of the mouthwatering and affordable Japanese dishes.


Parking at Surugin Ramen House is quite difficult.  The parking space is located at the entrance of the restaurant and can only accommodate only five cars.  You can park your vehicle at the street outside which can accommodate only three cars.  I highly suggest you visit Surugin Ramen House during off-peak hours and weekdays to have the best experience.


Here’s a video blog you can watch to see Surugin Ramen House:

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