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Learning is entering a brave new world. With face-to-face learning in classrooms still out of the question, everyone – students, teachers, parents – are all being brave, taking leaps in adapting new ways to make sure learning continues, despite and maybe more importantly, because of the pandemic.  This sudden shift in the education system is one of the reasons why the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. (BAFI) sought to contribute to the learning experience of Filipino students and families around the country.


Garcia emphasizes that MIND S-COOL (MSC) is the umbrella concept for BAFI’s contribution to not only adapt to the new normal but to seize the opportunity to fill the gaps in the basic education courses across age-groups towards a direction that will help create a citizenry who will act to restore us to an even better normal.



Moving beyond the usual classroom set up, MIND S-COOL conveys the strong relation of the two greatest human traditions, science and art. Set in the huge and exciting galleries of The Mind Museum as the new “dream school”, MIND S-COOL aims to 1.) Empower the learner-viewer to discover his/her own mind in learning in connected ways across topics, essentially bridging the sciences and the arts for its viewers; and to 2.) Connect science and art to other things happening in the real world and how learners could help make the world better, in the new normal, knowing those connections.


Each episode is an exciting adventure for the main “questers”, guided by awesome mentors to solve different challenges, acquire rewards, and develop a sense of connectedness across the different topics and continuity of the learning journey across the whole series.


To widen the range of access to students all over the Philippines, the show will be available on MIND S-COOL TV on free-to-air CNN-Philippines, with simultaneous streaming on, and MIND S-COOL Online. Each platform is set on different formats covering different scopes that are strongly tied to the K-12 curriculum set by the Department of Education but with the most updated knowledge.


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