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South Korea: A Day at Everland

Whenever we travel, we always make sure to include a theme park visit in our itinerary since we have a little boy with us.  Oh, that’s just an excuse!  We love theme parks as they make us feel young and so with or without Neo, we will visit a theme park. Hahaha 😀


We have been to quite a lot of theme parks: Universal Studios Japan, Fuji Q in Japan, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, Universal Studios Singapore, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Legoland Malaysia and we would love to visit more.  South Korea has two famous theme parks: Everland and Lotte World.  Our itinerary can only permit us to visit one theme park during our visit and so we chose Everland.



We booked our tickets through Klook’s promo – Buy 2, Take 2.  Which means we buy 2 adult entrance tickets and we get 2 free entrance tickets.  Everland entrance fee is priced at KRW 54,000 for adults and KRW 44,000 for kids.  We were able to buy our Everland tickets at KRW 27,800 each.  We paid KRW 55,600 (PHP 2,780) for 4 entrance tickets (we were only 2 adults and 1 kid, so we just let go of the extra ticket) instead of paying KRW 152,000 (PHP 7,600)!  Such a huge savings for us. 😊



Everland is a huge theme park.  When we first entered it, we thought it was just a typical theme park with lots of thrilling rides for adults and cute rides for kids.  There are a lot of winter and Christmas decorations during our visit and we made the most of it by taking lots and lots of pictures.



Since we have a little boy with us, we cannot try the T-Express, Everland’s most famous ride, a wooden roller coaster that offers the steepest ride in the world.  While strolling, we started to get disappointed as most of the attractions and rides were closed due to the cold weather.  We were already thinking of revising our itinerary of spending half day in Everland instead of a full day.  ☹



This area was closed.


Good thing we did not, and we just walked the whole vast area of Everland.   Who would have thought that Everland is not just a theme park but a zoo as well?  Everland has a very huge zoo that is home to a lot of animals you will not see in your regular zoo visit.  We were able to various safari animals such as llamas, deer, giraffe, hippopotamus, zebras, elephants, and a lot more.   We also got to see wild animals such as lions, tigers, and hyenas.  We were able to see penguins and seals too.



But what made our visit memorable was to see brown bears and pandas!  To Neo’s delight, he got to see Grizz and Panda in Everland!  Sadly, Ice Bear was nowhere in sight.  (Neo is a fan of Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears during our visit).



With Le Bao the Panda at Everland.


We had a different kind of theme-park-experience in Everland.  We would love to visit this theme park again, maybe during spring or autumn when we can make the most of its several ride attractions.



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