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South Korea: Shopping at Myeongdong and Insa-dong

Shopping will always be a part of everyone’s travel itinerary.   Shopping money will also be part of every traveler’s travel budget.  In South Korea, there are two places where shopping is a nice activity: Myeongdong and Insadong.


Busy street of Myeongdong


Myeongdong is a famous shopping area in Seoul, South Korea.  It is a long stretch of street that has various shops.  There are big shops that sell fashionably nice and branded clothes; there are also stalls that sell cheap and pretty outfits.  There are a lot of food stalls in Myeongdong as well.  We ate some delicious foods at these foods stalls.


Chocolate covered fruits from Myeongdong


But the most famous products that Myeongdong has to offer, and the reason tourists make sure to visit this place, is Korean cosmetics and skincare products.


Three nights out of the four nights we were in South Korea was spent in Myeongdong.  I was so happy and excited to see a lot of beautiful clothes, cosmetics, and skincare products sold for almost 50% less than their prices in the Philippines.  There is no question that I bought a lot of these items in Myeongdong.  It was such a steal that I risked paying for excess baggage fees. 😉


Insa-dong is another shopping area in Seoul, South Korea.  It sells a lot of pasalubong items at really affordable prices.  Most of the shops has price tags and I am not sure if haggling is a common item in Korea, so I just paid what was in the price tags.


Insa-dong street in the afternoon.


If you’re planning to visit South Korea, I suggest you take a short trip to these two shopping places.  See what the locals sells, taste the local foods, and buy Korean products (especially cosmetics and skincare) for less. 😊


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