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Taiwan: Releasing A Sky Lantern at Shifen Old Street

Shifen Old Street is one of the major tourist attractions in Northern Taiwan.  It is located in Pingxi area and can be accessed through the Fuxing Shuttle train.  Shifen is the last station of the Fuxing Shuttle Train.  It is an old but still serviceable train station.




Shifen Old Street is the last tourist attraction we visited at Northern Taiwan.  We went there via public commute from Jiufen Old Street.  We rode the Fuxing Shuttle Train from Ruifang Station.



Since Shifen Old Street is a tourist attraction, the place is lined with rows of shops selling various items that are mostly souvenirs.  Shopping would be one of the things you can do at Shifen Old Street.


Some of the souvenirs at Shifen Old Street.


Another thing you can do is wait for the Fuxing Shuttle Train to arrive, then scamper away from the rail tracks, and watch the train as it moves slowly in the railroad.  This is such a fun experience!




But, probably the most famous thing to do in Shifen Old Street is releasing a sky lantern.  There are tons of stores offering sky lanterns for release.  The price is the same for each store and varies only in the number of colors your chosen lantern has.  You can choose a one-color lantern, a two-color lantern, a four-color lantern, or an eight-color lantern.  The more colors your sky lantern has, the pricier it is.  Every color of the lantern represents different wishes: red for health and peace; yellow for money and wealth; blue for career and promotion; purple for students who want to pass their exams; white for brightness of the future; orange for love and marriage; green for vigor and success; magenta for attraction and popularity; and pink for bliss and joy.  Take your pick of the color whichever wishes you want to come true.


We are not really believers of wishes, as we only believe in prayers, but still we want to try releasing a sky lantern.  We chose a red lantern and wrote our wishes.  After writing our wishes, the store assistant helped us in releasing our sky lantern.  She even took our photos and videos.



Releasing a sky lantern is such a nice experience for us.  Our little boy enjoyed writing his wish and watching our lantern fly away in the sky. 😊




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