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Hong Kong: Day and Night Guest House

Before booking our accommodation in Hong Kong, the hubby and I did a lot of research online.  We searched from blogs to forums to review sites to get the best recommendation of where we will stay.   We need to plan carefully because we are a group of 7 and we have a toddler with us.

We initially decided to get our accommodation via apartment rentals.  This would give us the feel of what it really is like living in Hong Kong.  But due to some last minute problems (which I’ll spare you the details), we weren’t able to book an apartment.

Two weeks before our flight, I browsed through various hotels booking websites to compare rates of different hotel accommodations.  It was www.agoda.com that gave us the best rate for a double bed room in a guesthouse.

Before booking this, we ensured to check positive reviews from Filipinos (as we are of the same race, I figured we might have almost the same standards) that has stayed in the guesthouse that are being offered by agoda.

Luckily, I found one.  So I didn’t hesitate in booking Day and Night Guesthouse.  It is located in Chungking Mansion.  A lot of forums would advise you not to book a guesthouse in Chungking Mansion – and I must agree with them.  Chungking Mansion is an old condo where the lower ground floor (lobby area) has a lot of people crowding around.  They will ambush you and offer you different services – from accommodations to food to sim cards and a lot more.  This area is a no-no area for single women traveller.  I am just glad that we travelled with 3 men so this was not an issue for us.

Day and Night Guesthouse is located at the 10F of the Chungking Mansion.  It is run by Indians though the helpers are Filipinas.  We booked 3 double bedrooms.  The one that we had was so small – which is I guess the standard in Hong Kong.  The toilet and bath has not even reached 4sqm – and I had a bruised-arm souvenir from the door. L

Other than the small space, everything in Day and Night Guesthouse fits our needs.  An area to sleep.  A place to bathe.  Free hot water, coffee, and tea.  Airconditioning and fan.  Hair blower.  Hot and cold water in the toilet.  Exceptional wifi connection.  They don’t offer drinking water but it’s okay as we prefer to buy our own drinking water.  They have personal refrigerator in each room to keep our water cold.

Here are pictures of Day and Night Guesthouse.


I had to cover Neo’s face as this wasn’t his best shot 😛


PS: This was originally published last December 2014 in my previous blog: Baby Neo’s Mama.




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