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Hong Kong: Day 2 – Ngong Ping Village

We didn’t plan a Disneyland itinerary on our second day since we anticipated that we will be staying late the night before.  Instead we decided to go to Ngong Ping Village.  We initially agreed to be out of the guesthouse by 9am, but since we were a group of 7 – with a lot of delays aka hintayan, we arrived at Tung Chung (where the tickets for the cable car bringing us to Ngong Ping is located) at 12pm.  Lesson #1 – allot spare time for a big group.

We lined up for our cable car tickets to Ngong Ping Village for more than an hour.  It was a good thing that Neo was very cooperative and didn’t throw tantrums.  Lesson #2 – book tickets online to avoid long queues.


We paid HKD150 each for 2-way standard cabin cable car.  Waiting in queue for more than one hour is worth every second of the cable car ride.  We enjoyed every bit of the amazing view and the experience.


When we arrived at Ngong Ping Village, we decided not to climb the Giant Buddha.  It would be a very long climb and I’m not sure Neo would be happy with that.  We just contented ourselves taking pictures of the village.


After touring Ngong Ping Village, we went to Citygate Outlet shop and bought some pasalubong.

Please excuse my very haggard looking face.

Before going home, we dropped by the Night Market at Mongkok – and exhausted all our remaining energy by haggling J  The Night Market has a lot to offer – but the vendors try to sell their products at a high price.  You need to learn how to haggle (start by dropping 50% off) to get the best price.  If they won’t agree to your price, try backing off and going to the next store – the vendors will follow you and offer their products on a much lower price than what you bargained for. 🙂


PS: This was originally published last December 2014 in my previous blog: Baby Neo’s Mama.




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