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Hong Kong: Day 1 – City Tour and Avenue of Stars

Our Hong Kong trip started by waking up at 3AM to catch an 8am flight in terminal 3.  This is Neo and my first time to be out of the country and we were anticipating delays in checking-in and immigration – but we didn’t encountered it.  It was one swift flight to Hong Kong.


We gathered all maps that are available in Hong Kong International Airport and had downloaded the MTR app.  Before going out of the airport, we ate at McDonalds and bought 2 octopus card at HKD150 each for me and the hubby (since the little boy is just 2, he gets to ride for free).


We didn’t have a hard time going to Day and Night Guesthouse at Chungking Mansion.  We boarded A21 bus (that cost HKD33) and we alighted at Tsim Sha Tsui bus stop.  We were a bit early for the 1pm check in so we just left our luggage and did a 15 minute walk that led us to the Avenue of Stars (it was that close).


Before going back to the guesthouse, we passed by Middle Road Children’s Playground where the little boy had all the fun he can have.  This place is a haven for kids.  The area is carpeted (rubberized) so parents need not worry that their kids will get hurt while playing.

After checking in at the guesthouse and resting for a couple of minutes, we decided to go to around Mongkok.  We roamed around and try to feel the place before deciding to go back to the airport to fetch Neo’s Lolos and Lolas.

The Lolos and Lolas were at Hong Kong too!

We had quite a problem going back to the airport.  We wanted to use the bus again but everyone we asked doesn’t seem to know where to lead us – even the police.  So we walked and walked and walked until we concede into using the MTR and Airport Express – it was a swift (and expensive) ride.

We ended our day at 2AM the next day.   Just a few hours of sleep to energize ourselves for Day2, after all, we didn’t go to Hong Kong to rest. 🙂

PS: This was originally published last December 2014 in my previous blog: Baby Neo’s Mama.




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