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Our Ace Water Spa Experience

Our family have been meaning to visit Ace Water Spa since we heard about it years ago.  We have a little boy who loves water so much, and we figure he will be so happy when we visit Ace Water Spa.  However, since we live in Cavite and the two branches of Ace Water Spa is located at Pasig and Quezon City, it would be very tiring for us to travel just to visit it.

So we took the opportunity of the holy week break this year to visit Ace Water Spa in Quezon City.  You see, the roads of Metro Manila is free of traffic during holy week.


We arrived around lunchtime at Ace Water Spa QC.  It must be because it is holy week (and most people are on vacation outside the metro) but the place is not crowded.  Spa Services for 4hrs cost Php550 for adults and Php250 for kids below 4ft.  Upon payment, we were given keys for the lockers (men and women have separate locker rooms).

We still paid for kid’s rate 🙂

Ace Water Spa QC is huge.  It has a big spa area with various water massages.  It also has a kiddie pool, lap pool, hot water pools, and cold water pool.  The waters are clean and the place is well maintained.  There are ample lockers in the locker room and there are a lot of shower cubicles.  There are a lot of life guards who are vigilant in making sure no (or minimal) accident can happen.

This photo was taken outside the spa area .


Here are some things I suggest you take note of when you visit Ace Water Spa:

  • Ace Water Spa is strict when in comes to swimming attire. You can only wear proper swimming attire such as swimsuit for women and swimming trunks for men.  Board shorts are not allowed.  This is because water pressure can be intense in the spa areas and they are avoiding wardrobe malfunction while you relax.  If in case you forgot to bring one, there are swimming attires for rent or for sale.
  • The shower cubicles in the locker rooms has an all-in-one soap (you can use this as shampoo and conditioner). If you are not accustomed to that, bring your own toiletries.  There are no towels provided, so bring your own or rent for Php150/towel.  The locker rooms have hair dryer and plastic bags you can put your wet clothes.
  • There is no need to bring cameras as it is not allowed to take pictures inside the water spa. There is also no need to bring sunscreen as Ace Water Spa is an indoor water spa.
  • The place is big, and the waters are intense. If you are bringing your kids along, make sure that you always keep an eye on them.
  • Know your limit. The water massages have time limit use and pressure (mild, normal, and hard).  If you think your body cannot endure the time limit suggestion, you can stop.  You can also choose the mild water pressure massages.
  • There are three types of hot water pools (36 degrees, 38 degrees, and 40 degrees). Again, know your limit.  If the water is too hot for your body, stop.  Excessive use of hot water pool can lead to serious complications.
  • Be mindful. The place is big and there are a lot of water massages.  But there can be a lot of people too.  There might be some water massages that you fancy too much and would love to stay there for more than the time limit, however, be mindful that other people would like to use it too.


We stayed for less than 4 hours in Ace Water Spa.  We had a great time and will surely come back (when traffic permits). 😊




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