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Palaui Island: Part 1 ~ Cape Engano

After spending the afternoon strolling at Nangaramoan Beach, we decided to rest early to prepare for our Palaui Adventure the next day.  The boatman who will take us to Palaui Island told us that we should be sailing as early as 6AM to maximize our time.

The boatman quoted us Php3,8oo from Nangaramoan Beach to Palaui Island inclusive of bringing us to five areas: Cape Engano, Crocodile Island, Siwangag Cove, Punta Verde, and Anguib Beach.  Note that Anguib Beach is not located at Palaui Island.  We also paid Php5o per person for environmental fee.


We were up early and we are so excited.  By 630AM, we were already sailing the Pacific Ocean AKA East Philippines Sea.   Since we were coming from Nangaramoan Beach, our first stop was Cape Engano, the tip most part of Palaui Island.  Our boat can seat a maximum of eight people.  It took us almost an hour boat ride.

Our boat can seat a maximum of 8 people.
The northern tip is where Cape Engano is located.

Upon arriving at Cape Engano, we were ushered to the tourist area where we were told that we need a tour guide.  Each tour guide costs Php3oo.  Ratio is 4 tourists to 1 tour guide.  We are a group of 6, and thus we paid Php6oo.  After paying, we were given certain instructions by the tour guides as what they say the by-laws of protected land.  Apparently Palaui Island is a protected area.

We actually hiked up the tip of that small mountain.

We hike up to Cape Engano Lighthouse stopping every now and then to savor the beautiful view that is God’s creation.  Cape Engano Lighthouse was built during the Spanish Era.  The area is no longer as beautiful as it used to be though still functional.  According to our tour guide, during the Marcos Regime, a certain budget was sent for the Cape Engano to preserve the Lighthouse.

Let me end this blog post by showing you pictures of the beautiful northern tip of Palaui Island.



Batanes-like view.
I am 50 meters above sea level.
The Cape Engano Lighthouse.
Sundial in front of the lighthouse.


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PS: This was originally published last January 2016 in my previous blog: Baby Neo’s Mama.

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