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Singapore – Malaysia: Changi Airport, One Of The World’s Best

We traveled to Singapore via Scoot Airline.  Scoot is formerly Tiger Airways and is now the budget carrier of Singapore Airlines.  It has the same airport terminal as with Singapore Airlines: Changi Terminal 2.  Our flight back to Manila was scheduled at two in the morning.  It was a very early flight, but we weren’t worried because we’ve heard that Changi’s Terminal 2 is one of the world’s best.  We were actually too excited that we were at Changi airport 9 hours before our flight.

Hello Kitty greeting us at the entrance.

Changi Airport Terminal 2 has everything you want to have in an airport.  Let me list down the things that makes it one of the world’s best.

Ø  Changi Airport has access to Singapore’s MRT.  Transportation to Changi Airport isn’t a problem for passengers.  Just ride the MRT East-West line where the last station is Changi Airport.

Ø  Changi Airport is very clean.  It has carpeted flooring all over the airport. Rest rooms are clean too.

Ø  There’s free internet in Changi Airport.  Fast Wi-fi is provided for passengers all you have to do is scan your passport in free wi-fi terminals.  If you need to be connected to the internet but you have no smartphones or gadgets with you, Changi has a lot of desktop available for use.


Ø  Changi Airport encourages automated check in.  We were able to check in 6 hours before our flight.  We used the automated machines for check in – but needed to have our seats changed so we still lined up in the check in counters for that.

Ø  If you need some last minute shopping, Changi Airport got you covered.  There are a lot of Duty Free shopping areas you can shop at.  The prices are a bit steep though.


Ø  If you are aiming some grocery shopping, there’s also a supermarket inside Changi Airport called Fair Price.

Ø  You got kids and they get bored easily?  The entertainment deck is Changi’s answer.  The entertainment deck has gaming areas, a mini movie theater, and an art area kids will definitely enjoy.





Ø  You have a very long flight ahead and you want to rest?  There are a lot of lounges available at Changi Airport.  Some cost a lot, others not so.  There are free couches you can rest at while watching movies too.


Ø  Tired of touring around Singapore and you want to relax your feet before flight?  Several free massage chairs are accessible at Changi Airport for passengers to use.

Ø  Changi Airport has a food court.  It offers a lot of food choices for hungry passengers.  Coffee shops are also available inside Changi.  But if you feel like you don’t want to spend so much on food, a 7/11 mini mart is also present inside Changi.  Drinking fountains are also available for free.

Ø  Changi Airport is very picturesque.  Beautiful decors are all over the place.  Flora and fauna can be found in certain areas.  A sunflower deck is also situated outside of the top floor.

All orchids are real. Wow!
Watching koi fishes is relaxing.


Ø  Changi has tight security.  We weren’t scanned when we entered Changi so I thought it was odd, however, security scanners and frisking were done to us before we entered the boarding gates.  Some were even asked security questions even though they already passed immigration.

These are some things we enjoyed at Changi Airport.  During the 9-hour wait for our flight back to Manila, we had so much fun touring and exploring Changi and experiencing what a world class airport can offer.

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  1. Wow…you managed to go around Changi Airport for 9 hours! We barely had time to go around the terminals; I even wanted to purchase some last-minute clothes at the Uniqlo branch there. 🙁

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