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Japan: How To Save On Transportation?

Japan is one of those countries with the best means of transportation.   Their trains and buses are efficient modes of transporting you from one tourist spot to another.  These trains and buses are clean, well-maintained, and it leaves on time.  Aside from that, these modes of transportation have courteous and polite staffs.  However, every nice thing comes with a price.  Transportation in Japan is expensive.  So how can you save on transportation when you travel in Japan?  Here are some tips.

  • Japan offers tourists a lot of options on how to save on transportation as its way of attracting more tourists.  All these passes were made to help ease the cost of transportation for tourists visiting Japan.

o   One of which is the JR Pass, a nationwide access to all JR operated trains which cost JPY 29,110 for 7days.  We didn’t avail the JR pass as for this to be maximized; you should travel from one region to another, back and forth – which we didn’t do.

o   Also available in Osaka is the Osaka Amazing Pass which gives you unlimited rides to all subway, and access to different Osaka Attractions.


o   Tokyo has a Metro Pass and Metro Subway Pass which also offers unlimited rides to subway and Toei lines.


  • Going to Tokyo from Osaka using the Shinkansen will cost you almost JPY 14,200. Use the overnight bus instead.


  • Still want to ride the Shinkansen?  You can still ride it by using a shorter distance.   Like we did.  We rode the Shinkansen from Osaka to Kyoto.  A Shinkansen ride within a region is still a Shinkansen experience.


  • Walk.  Walking will save you money.  As Japan has a cold climate, you won’t feel very tired while walking.  You will not perspire a lot.  But make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and socks.
  • Avoid taxis.  They cost a lot.
  • Research a lot and use Hyperdia.  Japan’s railway system looks like a spaghetti to me.  It is so confusing.  Download the Hyperdia app once you arrive in Japan as it will help you navigate Japan railways and subways easier.
Tokyo’s train map (both subway and JR lines).  Looks like a spaghetti, right? (photo from JR website).

These are some tips on how to save on transportation when you travel to Japan.  Enjoy your trip! 🙂


PS: This was originally published last November 2017 in my previous blog: Baby Neo’s Mama.



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