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Japan: The Happy Boy at Thomas Land

One of the main reasons we went to Fuji-Q Highland is to visit Thomas Land.  Our little boy is so much fond of Thomas and Friends since he was still a toddler until now and so visiting Thomas Land is a must for our Japan trip.


We were able to secure a free entrance pass to Fuji-Q Highland (thanks to the flyer we saw at Kawaguchiko station) so we decided to just buy Neo an all-day-pass to Thomas Land costing JPY2900 for kids 3-11 years old.

Neo with Thomas and Sir Topham Hat.

Thomas Land is every little boy’s heaven.  It is a theme park dedicated to all Thomas and Friends fanatics, just like our little boy.  Several statues of Thomas and his friends, such as Percy and James, are spread out through-out Thomas Land.



There are various ride attractions catered to the young kids.  All of these ride attractions are Thomas and Friends themed.  There’s the regular train rides which has Thomas and James as your trains.  There’s also a helicopter ride inspired by Harold.  And a lot more.







Also, there is so much Thomas and Friends inspired merchandises sold at the souvenir shop.  Aside from the usual toys, there are also unconventional souvenirs you can buy like macaroni noodles, tissue paper, washi tapes, toothbrushes, slippers, and a lot more.





With the all-day-pass, Neo can ride to all Thomas Land attractions without incurring additional cost to us…or so we thought.  Apparently, since Neo is still below 6 years old, a parent or guardian needs to accompany him in every Thomas Land attractions.  Each attraction cost around JPY200-400 to ride.  The hubby and I had to pay for every ride our little boy tried to accompany him.  The all-day-pass was not worth it.   L  So if you will go, just pay for each ride your little kid will take.


We spent so much in touring Thomas Land, but every yen spent was all worth it.  Our little boy was so happy.  I know that day spent at Thomas Land will forever be a happy memory for our little boy. J

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PS: This was originally published last July 2017 in my previous blog: Baby Neo’s Mama.




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