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Event: Greenwich Celebrates World Pizza Day

Last Friday, Greenwich turned the Dolphin Park at Glorietta 4, Makati into a vibrant and charming place and gathered pizza-lovers to experience the sight, smell, sound, and taste of Greenwich’s very best pizza to celebrate World Pizza Day.


During the event, Greenwich transformed the place into a pizza village where pizza-lovers explored everything that the Overload Pizza District has to offer and more.  Several booths offer various Greenwich favorites for guests to enjoy.  Lasagna Supreme and other pasta favorites can be enjoyed at the Lasagna Lane.  The Pizza Parlor offers pizza favorites: Hawaiian Overload and Ultimate Overload pizzas.  The Sidekick Street offers tasty sides such as Potato Waves and Wacky Wings.


Aside from indulging into Greenwich favorites, the Overload Pizza District has a Main Plaza where several local artists such as Hale, Mayonnaise, and Silent Sanctuary performed.  Robi Domingo, Greenwich resident kabarkada, introduces new Greenwich friends namely Julian Trono, Ella Cruz, and Bella Padilla.


The whole event was an affair to remember, overloaded with best-tasting pizzas, great sounds, and unforgettable barkada moment.  It’s a perfect way to celebrate world pizza day.




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