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#RealMoms Trust Baby Dove

Being a first time mom, I have no ideas on how to rear a child. How do I make sure I give my child all the things he need and wants without overdoing it? How can I protect him against all the things that can harm him? How can I be the best mom for him? And yes, I get a lot of suggestions on the dos and don’ts of being a mom.



Fast forward six years into this thing called motherhood, I am still surviving. I don’t follow every suggestion given to me – sometimes I deliberately contradict it. I also embraced the idea that I won’t be able to protect him against all the things that can harm him. I will also never be able to give him all the things he wants. This is because I am a #RealMom not a perfect one. But one thing is for sure, no matter what I do and what I give him, I will be the best mom he will ever have.

There will be choices I make that might not make him happy, but these choices will always be what’s best for him.  Just like in taking care of his skin.  I may have a little boy, and we all know that boys can be very rowdy and taking care of their skin might not be the priority – but since I was raised by a mom who loves taking care of my skin, I became accustomed to that way.


Neo’s grandmother, my mom, loves using Dove.  Dove has been her go to soap as she vouches on its moisturizing effects.  Dove has been in the industry for over 60 years and they have been empowering women to believe that there are no perfect women, just real ones.  Dove has advocated for women to recognize that their beauty should be a source of confidence, not anxiety.  This is one reason why my mom loves Dove.  And she passed that to me.

Now that I have a child of my own, I would love to take care of his skin.  Thankfully, Dove introduces its new product for little ones – Baby Dove!  Baby Dove is available in two variants: Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture.  Baby Dove Rich Moisture comes in Baby Bar, Hair-to-toe Wash, Baby Lotion, Baby Shampoo, and Rich Moisture Wipes; while the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture comes in Baby Bar, Hair-to-toe Wash, and Baby Lotion.

Baby Dove products, just like Dove, has great moisturizing effect.  It is very mild and gentle on skin.  It gives my child’s skin the moisture it needs, so I can be confident that he won’t have irritable skin due to dryness.  And it also leaves Neo smelling “amoy baby” after every bath!

Neo’s skin became moisturized after using this.   So go and try Baby Dove for your little ones too because #RealMoms trust Baby Dove 🙂


Disclaimer: I was given Baby Dove products to try and all opinions in this blog post are mine. 



21 thoughts on “#RealMoms Trust Baby Dove

  1. I’m a Dove user ever since I was in college so it is always included in our grocery list. Through I tried other soap but I still go back to Dove. I haven’t tried the Baby Dove, will check this in the supermarket.

  2. It’s really nice that Dove launched products made especially for kids. I’ve been a Dove user for so long and I’m really happy to see that my son can use this as well.

  3. I’ve been a Dove user for a long time, too, so I’m happy Baby Dove is now available locally. Sayang lang it wasn’t available when my son was still a baby 😀

  4. We’ve been Dove soap for how many years now and I am glad na may pang baby na sila. I saw the price medyo namahalan lang ako. Sana they have something na mas affordable para mas maraming makabili 🙂

  5. Love Baby Dove. Ive seen thw improvement on my baby’s skin after we switched to Baby Dove. I also love that its smell is just so natural and not intimidating or too scented. In fact it has no smell at all and that’s what i love best. My baby smells so naturally clean.

  6. I grew up using Dove. That’s why I was really happy to receive a Baby Dove gift pack for my kids too. 🙂 I was really pleased they came up with a baby line.

  7. My 9-year-old and I love Dove so we were so happy to have received the same products, too for her baby sister. I love how it really moisturizes skin, hirap lang banlawan as usual. Hehe.

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