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Japan: Exploring Kyoto ~ Kinkakuji Temple

Kinkakuji Temple, or the Golden Pavilion, is one of the two temples we visited at Kyoto.  It is one of the most famous temples in Japan.  It is a Zen temple and its top two floors are covered in gold leaf, thus the label Golden Pavilion.  It is a sight to behold and once you see it, you would probably just want to stay there and stare at its beauty.


Going to Kinkakuji Temple from Kyoto station is easy.  It is only a bus ride away from Kyoto Station.  Bus 205 to Kitaoji Bus Terminal will bring you to Kinkakuji Temple.  Take note of this as there are other Bus 205s.  Fare for adult is JPY230 (JPY120 for kids).  Travel time is almost an hour.



Entrance fee to Kinkakuji Temple is JPY400. Kids below 6 years old enter for free.



There are designated areas to take photos from.  There are also stalls that sell good luck charms but you can’t take pictures of the merchandise (it might bring you bad luck 🙁 ).

Coin toss.
Candle charms.




Kinkakuji Temple is very gorgeous in every angle.  I honestly fell in love with it. Let me share to you photos we took of the Golden Pavilion so you can see its beauty through my camera. 😉




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PS: This was originally published last May 2017 in my previous blog: Baby Neo’s Mama.

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