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Japan: The Potterhead at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (USJ)

Disclaimer: I am a Potterhead and this post is photo heavy. 

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you would agree with me that visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is in your bucket list.  Aside from owning a copy of Harry Potter books (from The Sorcerer’s Stone to The Deathly Hallows, to the new additions such as The Cursed Child), and watching all eight movies, visiting Harry Potter’s Wizarding World will always be a must-do-before-I-die thing for us Potterheads.

One of the many reasons why we went to Universal Studios Japan is to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  The moment we entered USJ, we ran as fast as we could north-east from the entrance where The Wizarding World is located.  This is because they close the area the moment they reach the number of guests inside and you can only enter when you have a Timed-Entry Ticket.

Upon entrance to The Wizarding World, you will be greeted by the hair-raising Harry Potter melody and the Weasley’s Flying Ford Anglia stuck in the Forbidden Forest.


There’s an arch welcoming you to Hogsmeade Village along with The Hogwarts Express.



Go directly to Hogwarts Castle as it is the main attraction.  This is where you will ride the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.  We weren’t able to since Neo didn’t reach the height requirement.  So we just content ourselves in touring the castle inside.

Hogwarts Castle!
The Black Lake.
Entrance to Dumbledore’s office.



The pensieve.
Hour glasses that record the house points.
The Marauder’s Map.


Just close to the Hogwarts Castle is Hagrid’s Hut where Sirius’ flying motorcycle can be found, while you enjoy the Flight of the Hippogriff, a ride inspired by Buckbeak.


Flight of the Hippogriff ride.

Now, let us have a photo tour of Hogsmaede Village.

Snow-capped shops.


Sirius is in trouble!



Wand Magic is also performed by Mr. Ollivander inside the wandmaker’s shop.


Souvenir items and treats can be bought at Zonko’s, Honeydukes, and Dervish and Banges.




If you feel hungry during your tour, you can drop by The Three Broomsticks to have a meal.  But if you’re not hungry, go there still, and buy yourself a Butterbeer! 🙂


How will muggles (normal people) like us enjoy the Wizarding World of Harry Potter the most?  Here are some tips.

  • If you plan to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and you arrive early at USJ, go directly to it.  You can stay as long as you want inside. Don’t bother with the Timed-Entry tickets if you arrive early, but if you want to go visit the Wizarding World again, go get one.  If you arrive late, make sure to go directly where the Timed-Entry tickets are issued. (PS: We entered The Wizarding World when we arrived at USJ.  Went out, and got a Timed-Entry Ticket so we can visit it again).


  • The Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride is quite popular.  Line up to this ride as fast as you can.  The ride can have a waiting time up to 240 minutes.  If you have a little child that is not yet allowed to ride it, line up alone.  I regret not being able to ride this attraction, so I suggest you do.
  • Bring home a token.  Wands range from JPY4000-5000.  Wizard robes cost around JPY17000.  Key chains and magnets cost JPY2000 up.  Cookies and candies are quite pricey too.  Since souvenir items are expensive, I suggest you buy a Butterbeer with a souvenir mug.  It cost JPY1100.
Wingardium Leviosa!

Now, I’m ending this post with this super happy photo of me – drinking Butterbeer beside the Black Lake with a view of Hogwarts Castle. 🙂




PS: This was originally published last May 2017 in my previous blog: Baby Neo’s Mama.

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