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Japan: The Osaka Amazing Pass

Japan is inviting more tourists to visit their beautiful country.  However, the notion that traveling to Japan is expensive has always been one factor that hinders travelers to visit Japan.  As such, Japanese government had devised ways in which to help tourists save while they visit Japan.  These include transportation passes, tourist attraction passes, and even tax-free shopping!

One of these passes is the Osaka Amazing Pass.  It’s an all-in-one pass that covers entrance fees to more than 30 different tourist attractions and unlimited train and subway rides.  It also comes with a guidebook that has a map and “TOKUx2” coupons that serves as discount vouchers to some establishments at Osaka.  A one-day pass costs JPY 2300, while a two-day pass costs JPY 3000.  We availed the two-day pass and were able to save a lot of money.




We bought our Osaka Amazing Pass at the Kansai Tourist Information Center at KIX (Kansai International Airport) when we arrived at Osaka.  Osaka Amazing Pass has 24-hour validity that starts at 5AM of the day you use the pass up until 4:59AM the next day.  So if you use the Osaka Amazing Pass at Day 1 at 8PM, the pass will expire 4:59AM the next day.  To maximize the pass, use it early morning up until late evening for a one day pass.




There is no Osaka Amazing Pass for Children.  Children below 6 years old are free in all transportation rides.  They are also free on most attractions.  Few attractions have entrance fee for children but you will only pay for half the adult price.  We tried to buy Neo an Osaka Amazing Pass, but the nice Japanese staff at the Kansai Tourist Information Center won’t give us one as he said “Kindergartens are free of charge.  No need to buy.”




Osaka Amazing Pass gives you access to a lot of tourist attractions at Osaka.  The attractions are divided into six (6) areas: Kita, Minami, Osaka Castle, Bay, Tennoji, and Nagai.  You can plan your visit per area as to maximize your time.


That’s Neo and I hiking up the Osaka Castle grounds.


Using this pass, we were able to visit eight (8) tourist attractions within Osaka area.  It also saved us a lot in transportation as long as we use the subway.  Here are the tourist attractions we visited, the cost of entrance per tourist attraction, and the transportation cost to go to these attractions.  Also included are Neo’s cost (a child below 6 year old).

Entrance Fee Neo’s Entrance Fee
Day 1
Osaka Castle JPY 600 Free
Osaka Castle to Tsutenkaku Tower (Transportation) JPY 240 Free
Tsutenkaku Tower JPY 700 JPY 300
Tsutenkaku Tower to Bay Area


JPY 280 Free
Tempozan Ferris Wheel JPY 800 JPY 800
Captain Line (2-way) JPY 1,300 JPY 500
Bay Area to Namba


JPY 280 Free
Tombori Cruise JPY 900 Free
Namba to Umeda


JPY 240 Free
Day 2
Umeda to Tenjimbashi Shopping Area


JPY 180 Free
Osaka Science Museum JPY 400 Free
Osaka Science Museum to Umeda


JPY 180 Free
Hep 5 Ferris Wheel JPY 500 Free
Umeda Sky Building JPY 1,000 Free
Total JPY 7,600 JPY 1,600


Overall, we could have spent JPY 7600 per person in all these attractions and transportation rides, but we only spent JPY 3000 each because we bought the Osaka Amazing Pass!  That’s JPY 4600 savings per person!  Our savings was way more than what the Osaka Amazing Pass cost.  And we also saved a lot for Neo, since initially we wanted to buy him an Osaka Amazing Pass for himself and ended up only spending JPY 1600 for him.  It’s JPY 1400 savings for Neo – thanks to the staff at the Kansai Tourist Information Center for not selling us one for him.

Osaka Amazing Pass saved us a lot of money.  So if you are planning to visit Osaka, buy the Osaka Amazing Pass.  It will not only save you money, it will also help you in touring Osaka as tourist attractions are suggested already in the guidebook and a map is also provided for your needs.

PS:  Do check this website for updated pricing and pass inclusions.  Osaka Amazing Pass website.


Japan 2017: Maximizing The Osaka Amazing Pass ~ Day 1

Japan 2017: Maximizing The Osaka Amazing Pass ~ Day 2


PS: This was originally published last April 2017 in my previous blog: Baby Neo’s Mama.

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