Japan: Shinjuku and Shibuya

February 16, 2018

We visited Japan’s two famous regions when we went there last March: Kansai and Kanto.  After touring the Kansai region and exploring the cities of Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara, we geared ourselves for more adventure as we discover the Kanto region, especially the city of Tokyo. We visited as much attractions as we can when we went to Tokyo.  Tokyo is divided…

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Event: Greenwich Celebrates World Pizza Day

February 13, 2018

Last Friday, Greenwich turned the Dolphin Park at Glorietta 4, Makati into a vibrant and charming place and gathered pizza-lovers to experience the sight, smell, sound, and taste of Greenwich’s very best pizza to celebrate World Pizza Day. During the event, Greenwich transformed the place into a pizza village where pizza-lovers explored everything that the Overload Pizza District has to…

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Event: Parentology+ ~ Reshaping Your Child’s Future

February 10, 2018

Last Saturday, Neo and I were invited to attend the kickoff of Nestle Nankid’s Parentology+ event at Trinoma Activity Center.  Even though Trinoma is quite far from us, I don’t want to miss this event as I wanted to learn how to provide a future full of possibilities with Neo.  You see, today’s world is very different from is just…

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Press Release: Unforgettable Celebrations of Love at SM Supermalls

February 7, 2018

Filipinos ranked the 4th romantic in the Asia-Pacific region according to a recent survey.  This being said, 3 out of 5 Filipinos are planning to give their special someone either flowers, chocolates, or jewelries this Valentine’s Day. There are so many ways on how people show love, and these expressions are much more special – from gifting couple shirts and…

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#RealMoms Trust Baby Dove

February 4, 2018

Being a first time mom, I have no ideas on how to rear a child. How do I make sure I give my child all the things he need and wants without overdoing it? How can I protect him against all the things that can harm him? How can I be the best mom for him? And yes, I get…

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Japan: Exploring Kyoto ~ Fushimi Inari Temple

February 2, 2018

As we explored Kyoto for just a limited time, we were only able to visit two temples.  One of the two temples we visited is the gorgeous Kinkakuji Temple or the Golden Pavilion.  The other one is the Fushimi-Inari temple.  We chose these two as they are among the most visited by tourists. Fushimi Inari is just a train ride away…

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Japan: Exploring Kyoto ~ Kinkakuji Temple

January 31, 2018

Kinkakuji Temple, or the Golden Pavilion, is one of the two temples we visited at Kyoto.  It is one of the most famous temples in Japan.  It is a Zen temple and its top two floors are covered in gold leaf, thus the label Golden Pavilion.  It is a sight to behold and once you see it, you would probably…

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Japan: Kyoto by Day and Nara by Night

January 29, 2018

Kyoto After exploring Osaka, the next city we visited was Kyoto.  Kyoto is Japan’s old capital.  Most tourists prefer to visit Kyoto than any other Japanese city.  At first I was confused, but when we explored Kyoto, I understood why. Kyoto is where the ancient and modern Japanese culture merges.  You will see all the old houses, buildings, and structures all…

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Japan: The Potterhead at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (USJ)

January 27, 2018

Disclaimer: I am a Potterhead and this post is photo heavy.  If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you would agree with me that visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is in your bucket list.  Aside from owning a copy of Harry Potter books (from The Sorcerer’s Stone to The Deathly Hallows, to the new additions such as…

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Japan: How to Have a Wonderful Time at Universal Studios Japan

January 25, 2018

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is one of the three major theme parks in Japan (Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are the other two).  This theme park is one of our to-visit attractions when we were planning our itinerary simply because I am a Harry Potter fan and USJ is where the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is. We spent quite a lot…

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