South Korea: A Day at Everland

June 3, 2019

Whenever we travel, we always make sure to include a theme park visit in our itinerary since we have a little boy with us.  Oh, that’s just an excuse!  We love theme parks as they make us feel young and so with or without Neo, we will visit a theme park. Hahaha 😀   We have been to quite a…

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South Korea: Hanbok Rental Experience

May 26, 2019

Like most Filipinos, I love watching Korean dramas and I am particularly fond of period drama where the costumes they wear are hanboks, Korea’s traditional dress.  This is why part of our itinerary when we went to South Korea was to try on a hanbok.      There are several hanbok rentals in South Korea.  They are mostly located near…

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South Korea: Shopping at Myeongdong and Insa-dong

May 20, 2019

Shopping will always be a part of everyone’s travel itinerary.   Shopping money will also be part of every traveler’s travel budget.  In South Korea, there are two places where shopping is a nice activity: Myeongdong and Insadong.     Myeongdong is a famous shopping area in Seoul, South Korea.  It is a long stretch of street that has various shops. …

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South Korea: DIY Commute to Nami Island + Petite France + Garden of the Morning Calm

May 7, 2019

Nami Island, or Namiseom, is one of the many famous tourist attractions in South Korea that Filipinos make sure to include in their itinerary.  Nami Island is where part of the Kdrama Endless Love: Winter Sonata was filmed.  Nami Island is near Gapyeong District, where Petite France and Garden of the Morning Calm is located.  Several tourists include Nami Island,…

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South Korea: Snow Experience at Bears Town Ski Resort

May 2, 2019

Our first day in South Korea marks our little boy 7th birthday.  His wish was to see snow.  It was so cold when we arrived, but it was not snowing in Seoul.  We already saw this in the snow forecast and for him to see snow on his exact birthday, we included in our itinerary a visit in one of…

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South Korea: Sleeping at Incheon Airport

April 27, 2019

One of our go-to-airline of choice because of its many promos is Cebu Pacific.   Our flight to Incheon last year was through this airline.  The only direct flight of Cebu Pacific from Manila to Incheon is scheduled to depart at NAIA by past 5PM and will arrive at Incheon Airport at past 10PM.   That was our schedule when we flew…

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South Korea: Clothes for the Cold Weather

April 22, 2019

It was December last year and winter time during our visit to South Korea.  It was so cold.  Our trip to Japan last time was in the month of March and we thought we are experts with the cold weather since the temperature reached 6 to 2 degrees.  But we were so wrong.  Nothing prepared us to South Korea’s winter. …

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South Korea: Visa Application

April 17, 2019

Filipinos planning to visit South Korea need to take note that we require a valid Korean Visa to enter South Korea.  Here are some of the things you need to know to apply for a Korean Visa.   Processing Last 2018, Korean Embassy started processing Korean Visa for Filipinos through travel agencies.  So, you just need to look for an…

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South Korea: Budget and Itinerary

April 12, 2019

In the past decade, South Korea has been one of those countries that we, Filipinos, include in our bucket list.  This is because of all the K-dramas we watch.  And since I watch a lot of Korean dramas, we planned to visit South Korea as well.   We decided to make our South Korea visit a memorable one and so…

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