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Day Tour at Hidden Valley Springs Laguna

Nestled at the foot of Mt. Makiling, Laguna is a very famous destination for people who wants to enjoy dipping in hot spring resorts.  I remember frequenting several hot springs resorts (both private and public) in Laguna when I was young.  My cousins and I would dip in warm, hot, and very hot pool waters until our skin, particularly our hands, would wrinkle with too much soaking in the water.  Such fond memories!



The last time I visited a hot spring resort was pre-pandemic.  With all the viruses and bacteria, and germs we were accustomed to in the past years, I am shying away from pools – but then I really wanted to soak myself in hot spring to help aid soring muscles that goes with age :D.  Luckily, my sis-in-law decided to invite us to celebrate her birthday in one of Laguna’s nicest hot spring resort – Hidden Valley Springs.



Hidden Valley Springs is located in Calauan, Laguna.  The place is 2.5 hrs drive from our place in Cavite since Calauan is almost at the boundary of Laguna and Batangas.  Entrance fee is at Php2,800 per person that includes lunch and afternoon snacks, locker and cabana usage.



Hidden Valley Springs has pools that were designed to go with the natural form of the place.  The hot spring water from a nearby waterfall flows freely in three pools.  No need for artificial jacuzzi and waterfalls, as the due to the natural free flowing course of water and the architectural design of the pools, you get to experience jacuzzi and waterfalls in natural form.   The water is all natural and crystal clear.



There are three main areas where you can swim at Hidden Valley Springs: Main pools, Lover’s Pool, and Soda Pool.   I only swam on the main pool, as it has the most warm waters of all the pools.  The Soda pool has sweet natural water and has bubbles.  The Lover’s Pool has cold spring water.  There is also the Hidden Waterfalls that needs 20 minutes of  trekking, but will give you one amazing view.


Hidden waterfalls


Lunch was served in their buffet area and consists of Filipino dishes complete with variety of viands, soup, desserts, and juice and coffee.  Afternoon snacks was served to include Lomi (Batangas’ specialty) and Filipino kakanin.


Buffet area


Lockers are provided for guests.  Shower rooms and rest rooms are clean.  No toiletries or towels are provided, so you have to bring your own.


Clean locker room


At the moment, Hidden Valley Springs do not offer overnight accommodations, just day tours.  The resort do not have a lot of guests.  It offers peaceful reprieve for people who wants to enjoy swimming and nature at the same time.  The lush greenery and crystal clear waters will make you want to stay and come back the next time.


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