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South Korea: Snow Experience at Bears Town Ski Resort

Our first day in South Korea marks our little boy 7th birthday.  His wish was to see snow.  It was so cold when we arrived, but it was not snowing in Seoul.  We already saw this in the snow forecast and for him to see snow on his exact birthday, we included in our itinerary a visit in one of the many ski resorts at South Korea, Bears Town Ski Resort.



Bears Town Ski Resort is one of the closest ski resorts to Seoul.  They offer several activities related to snow such as ski lessons, skiing, snowboarding, and sledding.   Bears Town Ski Resort offers packages that includes transportation shuttle.  But being the DIY-public-transport-travel-lovers that we are, we decided to use the public buses to go to Bears Town Ski Resort.



How to go to Bears Town Ski Resort from Seoul?

  • Ride the subway to Gangbyeon Station. Gangbyeon station is at Green Line 2.
  • Go out of Gangbyeon Subway Station using Exit 4 and go to Gangbyeon Station Transportation Center side A. There are two sides, A and B, so make sure you go to side A.
  • Ride Bus 11.
  • Alight at Bears Town Station.
  • Walk from Bears Town Bus Station to Bears Town Ski Resort.

The bus ride cost us KRW2000 (PHP100) and took us 2 hours.  The walk to Bears Town Ski Resort took us 5-10 minutes.



Bears Town Ski Resort is huge.  It has different areas for beginners, intermediate, and advance skier.  It also has a hotel.  It offers skiing lessons as well.  There is no entrance fee at Bears Town Ski Resort.  You have to rent the equipment you need to use the facilities like ski, sled, and snowboard.  You can also rent ski wears.   For rental prices check this link.




When we arrived at Bears Town Ski Resort, the ticket office was closed.  We were not sure why, but we just entered and explored the resort.  There were quite a lot of kids taking ski lessons during our visit.  There were also some people skiing at the advanced level area.    Since the ticket office was closed, we were not able to ski, or sled or even use a snowboard – as we needed to rent these facilities.  What we did was roam around the ski resort.  Our little boy run to his heart’s content in the ski area.



We were at Bears Town Ski Resort for a maximum of 2 hours.  We had no problem going to Bears Town from Seoul but going back to Seoul was a bit of a challenge for us.  We were not able to research properly on how to go back to Seoul using the public bus.  Because of this, we just asked for directions, a little hard for us since we don’t speak Korean.  We rode two separate buses going back to Seoul.  The two bus rides costed us KRW2900 (PHP145).   Bears Town offers shuttle service from Seoul, and I suggest you take this for convenience.


Snow Angel at Bears Town Ski Resort


We just spent a little time at Bears Town Ski Resort, but our little boy had so much fun playing with snow.   An experience we know will forever be a happy memory for him.

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