A Day Of R&R at Belmont Hotel

February 28, 2019

As a family, we are not really fond of staycations.  We prefer traveling when spending time as a family.  However, the start of the year will be a busy one for us so we will have to spend more time in hotels to celebrate and/or relax.   Last year, when I attended the Ad Summit 2018, I was fortunate to…

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Taiwan: Taiwanese Foods You Should Taste

February 19, 2019

Taiwan has been constantly listed as every foodie’s travel goals.  This is because you will find a lot of delicious and mouth-watering foods in Taiwan, especially in Taipei.  During our four days in Taiwan, we were able to taste a lot of peculiar but certainly delicious foods.  I’ll list them for you and where you can taste them.   Xiao…

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Taiwan: Exploring Taiwan’s Street Night Markets

February 12, 2019

One of Taiwan’s must visit places are the street night markets.  There are a lot of street night markets in Taiwan that you will not actually miss visiting one.   What can you see in street night markets?   You can see a lot of things in the night markets of Taiwan.  Think of it as a bazaar without a…

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Taiwan: Hike Up The Elephant Mountain

February 2, 2019

The first stop in our 4 days, 4 nights Taiwan itinerary is exploring Taipei.  To be honest, Taipei as a city has few tourist spots.  The main tourist attraction you can see in Taipei is Chiang Kai Shek Memorial and Taipei 101.  You can make the most of your Taiwan visit by traveling to Northern Taiwan and Taichung.  To be…

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